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Antonella Zigante

With restaurant Zigante, owner and Jeune Restaurateur Antonella Zigante continues an impressive family tradition. Her inn is situated near the Motovun Forest – the place where Mr. Giancarlo Zigante, accompanied by his dog Diana, stumbled upon the biggest white truffle in the world in 1999. The truffle weighed 1.31 kg and was listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It was this remarkable event that suddenly turned the small village of Livade into a world-renowned hotspot for truffles. Today, the truffle holds an irreplaceable position in global gastronomy. While creating their menus, the world’s best restaurants rely on this ingredient’s simplicity and allure. But very few can claim that this ingredient just naturally grows in their own courtyard, freely in untouched nature – except for restaurant Zigante.


Livade, Croatia
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

There are many good restaurants in Croatia, but restaurant Zigante is the first Croatian restaurant to ever specialize in Istrian truffle-based menus. Unsurprisingly, the fact that you can order their fresh truffle dishes throughout the year attracts visitors from far and wide. Owned by Antonella Zigante, this characteristic hotel restaurant is located in a small village called Livade, in the heart of Istria. Thanks to the inn’s skilled chefs and sommeliers, the establishment has received multiple international awards and won first place in the category of “Good Croatian Restaurants” in 2005. Next to its outstanding terroir-based cuisine, this dining spot also offers a vast variety of quality wines, including both domestic and foreign labels.

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