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Fabricio Vežnaver

Restaurant Pergola has slowly transformed over the years, from a traditional tavern into a contemporary food design hotspot. But in his cooking, chef Fabricio Vežnaver’s remains true to his family roots.  The chef takes inspiration from local recipes and turns them into completely new and creative dishes, with authentic flavours and aromas that you can only find in Pergola. Being a skilled sommelier as well, Fabricio’s exciting wine selection will perfectly complement your meal.


Savudrija, Croatia
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

In 1996, owner, sommelier and chef Fabricio Vežnaver opened a classic seafood tavern with his father. And thus, restaurant Pergola was born. In 2010, the family tavern started to change course and evolve into a sophisticated playground for food design. Today, it is one of Croatia’s top gourmet addresses: Pergola is the first Istrian restaurant to be recommended by the Michelin Guide. Furthermore, its cuisine was honoured with 3 hoods and 16.5 points from Gault Millau, and 2 forks and 85 points from Falstaff. But that’s not all: in 2019, chef Fabricio also received the Gault & Millau Chef Award. In Pergola, the ambiance is warm and friendly. After you’re greeted by Mrs. Ljiljana, the chef’s wife, you can take a seat in the elegant dining room with a fireplace. Top chef Fabricio Vežnaver’s exceptionally creative cuisine truly showcases the best that Istria has to offer.

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