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Kelli Nikolac

Restaurant Draga di Lovrana is housed in a building that dates back to 1908. The hotel was built by entrepreneur Anton Urm and quickly became a popular resort for Austrian-Hungarian aristocrats, including emperor Franz Josef. In 1923, however, for mysterious reasons Anton set fire to his establishment. For 80 years, the ruinous building changed owners – until Christian and Sanja Nikolac arrived in 1978. The couple began rebuilding the inn, with great attention to its original design, glory and Austro-Hungarian charm. But then wartime in Croatia struck and years passed. Fortunately, in December 2005, the couple finally managed to reopen the hotel and did so under its original name: Draga di Lovrana. A clean slate for a historic place. Kelli is their daughter and took over the restaurant in 2021.

Draga di Lovrana

Lovran, Croatia
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Hotel restaurant Draga di Lovrana is beautifully situated on the edge of a mountain reef, surrounded by green hills and the azure sea. This historic establishment was built in 1908, but burned down a few decades later, in 1923. It wasn’t until 2005, when owners Christian and Sanja Nikolac renovated and reopened the place as a gourmet restaurant, that this stunning establishment fully came back to life. The restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean delicacies, made with products from the Kvarner region. Enjoy the chef’s contemporary cuisine in the elegant dining room with a fireplace. From here, you have an extraordinary view of the sea, mountain Ucka, and the Kvarner islands. Or sit down on the terrace, which offers a spectacular panoramic vista.

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