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Martin Volkaerts

You might still recognize chef Martin Volkaerts from his remarkable TV appearance on the Belgian cooking show “Top Chef” in 2015, where his impressive cooking skills earned him the nickname “Ratatouille”. Today, Martin continues his family’s gastronomic tradition at restaurant L’Amandier. Drawing inspiration from his many travels and visits to renowned European chefs, he cooks up the most delicate dishes. In the kitchen, chef Martin is joined by his father Marc'O, who founded the restaurant together with his wife Stéphanie. In 2017, the young chef and his father released a cooking book called Volkaerts, featuring some of their best L'Amandier specialties. Such as the oyster au gratin with champagne and the duck mince pie.


Genval, Belgium
JRE Jeunes Restaurateurs

When you step foot in restaurant L’Amandier, you’re greeted with a big smile from chef Martin Volkaerts himself. This intimate fine-dining destination is housed in a bright and beautiful villa on the shores of Lake Genval in Belgium. The family-run restaurant has an intimate dining room that’s elegantly decorated yet feels homely. Thanks to the open kitchen you can watch the young chef in full action, skilfully preparing his innovative dishes.

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