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interview • February 28th, 2022

Interview with Uwe Machreich


Uwe Machreich is chef at restaurant Triad. With a wealth of experience from elite local cuisine legends, chef Uwe Machreich pampers foodies and gastronomy critics. His culinary resume includes the kitchens of restaurant Rössli in Switzerland, Castle Hotel Oberlech, and restaurant Wolf in Vaduz. His surprising and innovative regional cuisine hasn’t remained unnoticed. Uwe earned three toques from Gault Millau for his creative cuisine and love of home-grown ingredients. We asked the chef some questions about his culinary career, his favourite ingredient, and much more.

Uwe, how would you describe your cooking style?

At restaurant Triad, we will spoil you with creative regional Austrian cuisine at the highest level. We place great value on the freshest, high-quality products from the area and with lots of greenery from our own herb and vegetable garden.

What's your favourite dish to make?

I love to cook dishes the same way my grandma did. For example, traditional Beuschel, Saure Kutteln and ragouts.

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

We have a lot of herbs and special vegetables in our own garden that I love to cook with.

Who is one of your top suppliers or producers?

We work closely together with a lot of our regional farmers. Josef Tanzl for example has local trout and he has been producing our special Triad beef for nearly 3 years.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your culinary career?

The biggest challenge for me was starting up my own restaurant.

Which gastronomic trend are you excited about the most?

In the last few months, I’ve experimented a lot with koji, kombucha and the fermentation of vegetables. With a friend who has a brewery, I created a few different soy sauces.

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would that be?

A really good Wiener schnitzel.

What’s one thing in the area that your guests absolutely need to see or do?

Just relax and take a walk around our area, there’s enough to see here.

Thank you, Uwe.

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