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We work with the best in the world to provide you all you need.

Find out everything you need to know about the partners we currently work with and what you need to do to become a partner by browsing through the case studies and information below.

Case studies with our partners

Are you interested in knowing more about the current partners we work with? The best case studies of JRE partners and our most inspiring collaborations can be found in this overview.

Become a partner

Do you want to join our network? Find out more about how to partner with JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, a culinary organisation with a prestigious reputation worldwide.

Become a partner

A global network of partners

JRE is constantly seeking to expand its network with partners who have a passion for gastronomy. We collaborate with the world's most prestigious companies and organisations in hospitality and lifestyle. Would you like to know what the benefits for your business would be when you join our network? Here are ten great reasons to partner with us...