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Case studies

Are you interested in knowing more about the current partners we work with? Find out more about some of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs' partners and delve deeper into our most inspiring collaborations in the case studies below.

Planhotel – Maldives & Zanzibar

A collaboration between JRE and Planhotel Hospitality (a hotel group known for its unique combination of local tradition, progressive design and exemplary customer focus). Chefs are invited to the Maldives or Zanzibar for a week to cook for VIP guests. In this week-long event, there will be four acts, including a show cooking, gala dinner, four-hands dinner on the beach, and a masterclass. Every year, more than 45 chefs participate in this exclusive project.

Mastercard – Pop-up Milan

A unique and one-off project; a pop-up restaurant on the roof of a bank in the heart of Milan. Every evening, top chefs offered extraordinary and unique gastronomic experiences in this exceptional setting with the most spectacular and breath-taking view of the city.

Mastercard – Dubai Expo 2021

This showcase at the Dubai Expo is a multi-sensory dining experience that stimulates the senses and intensifies the sensation of taste. Three top chefs present their personal interpretation of a dish inspired by Forest, Ocean and Mountain. Through both image and sound, the menu visually and audibly awakens the taste buds and creates a sense of evocation.

Mastercard – World Food Forum

In this collaboration with Mastercard we’ve created an exciting project for charity. Four Michelin-starred female chefs from four different countries join forces here. At the World Food Forum's gala dinner, each of them prepares their very own signature dish.

Mastercard – ‘Date on a plate’

‘Date on a plate’ is an exclusive virtual encounter between a celebrity chef and a Mastercard cardholder. The participating chefs' signature dishes are featured on the Mastercard Priceless website, after which cardholders are invited to book a one-on-one session with a chef of their choice. Through a virtual connection, the chef guides the cardholder through the preparation process of their signature dish in the cardholder's kitchen at home.

Pastificio dei Campi – “Guess who’s coming for dinner…”

The central ideas of this project are learning about culture, its background, and gaining knowledge. Every month, chefs are invited to Naples for a Masterclass and Cooking Session where they learn about all aspects of the making and preparing of pasta. A culminating part of the workshop involves a four-hand session in which basic ingredients from the Chef's homeland form the basis of new pasta preparations.

Olitalia – ‘I Dedicati’ olives oils

For our partnership with Olitalia, twelve chefs from twelve countries were tasked with creating a series of extra virgin olive oil; meat, fish, vegetables and pasta. These exclusive culinary olive oils are available in specialised wholesale under the name 'I Dedicati'.

Expo Milan – Tutto Food

For the international food fair Tutto Food, the assignment was to present a selection of specialty products by small local producers. Producers and chefs from fourteen countries attended in order for visitors to get acquainted with a variety of specialties and special ingredients through masterclasses, lunches and tastings.

Parmigiano Reggiano – 40 Months matured Parmigiano

At the presentation of the special edition of ‘Parmigiano Reggiano 40 months’, 40 chefs showcased their inspiration and outlook through a dish starring this special cheese. The result, 40 extraordinary dishes created by 40 different top chefs.

Pommery – Champagne & Recipe

In this virtual wine and food combination session, chefs from various countries prepared a virtual dish inspired by one of the Cuvées from the Pommery range. The result is a variety of inspiring videos with original recipes and ideas.

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