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JRE knife - handcrafted by Kruška


Sharpness of Creativity

Dedication to detail guides every step of a chef’s knife: forging, shaping, hardening, grinding and polishing. Blacksmiths observe the shifts of energy, how things break, when something is enough and when something more needs to be added. A handmade knife is thus a unique forged iron product, which carries the passion and creativity of the blacksmith. And when a chef gets their hands on it, the creativity only continues and the sharpness of the blade makes it a pleasure to work with.

From knives to swords

Timotej Kruška is a young Slovenian blacksmith, who makes kitchen and work knives that combine traditional Japanese design with his personal style under the Kruška forging brand. His passion for iron forging began with a desire to make katanas, the swords of the samurai. His knife-making mentor once told him: First make a thousand knives and then make a sword. He had almost walked the path of 1,000 knives, realizing that the journey was more important than the destination.

A chef’s knife is like an artist’s paintbrush

A chef’s knife is not just a cutting tool, it is an extension of the chef and their kitchen. The knife plays a key role in food preparation and the speed, precision and efficiency of the chef and the presentation of the food depend on how well it is designed. JRE chefs are distinguished not only by their skill, experience and passion for their work, but also by their personal stamp, and the JRE knife is an important tool in this respect.

A chef's knife is like an artist's brush. It's an extension of their creativity and passion.

Jacques Pepin

JRE knife: Sharpness of creativity

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