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10 reasons to become a partner

10 reasons to become a partner

JRE is constantly seeking to expand its network with partners who have a passion for gastronomy. We collaborate with the world's most prestigious companies and organisations in hospitality and lifestyle. Would you like to know what the benefits for your business would be when you join our network? Here are 10 great reasons to partner with us:

  • By joining the JRE network, you will immediately gain access to the best international chefs and their guests. This will increase both your B2B and B2C reach.

  • Our communicative approach of synergetic and potential target groups will help you stand out from your competitors.

  • In addition to this, joining JRE will enable you to generate new sales opportunities through our operations.

  • JRE partners gain exclusive access to an effective international partner network.

  • This also includes access to JRE topics which we communicate through the relevant specialist and public press.

  • You have the possibility to create new products with our JRE members.

  • You have the possibility to create new exclusive formats, events, and standards together with our JRE members.

  • As well as reciprocal image transfer of our high-end brands.

  • We will include your business in our marketing campaigns, from generating leads and nurturing connections, to customer retention and recognition.

  • JRE provides an extraordinary array of effective business-building opportunities. We join forces with the most talented and innovative people in the culinary and hospitality industry and look forward to welcoming you to our network.


Interested in becoming a JRE partner? Then we’d love to hear from you. Please send us an email at info@jre.eu.