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news • April 3rd, 2023



On Wednesday, April 12, 2023. the second Masterclass in a row took place in cooperation with the restaurant association JRE-Hvratska and Miele-Hr. At the Miele experience center in Split, starting at 5:00 p.m., we were welcomed by the Foša restaurant from Zadar, Stone cheese and Korta Katarina winery.

During the year, the restaurant association JRE-Hr in cooperation with partners Miele holds as many as 8 masterclasses divided into the regions of Split and Zagreb. The Masterclass is closed, held for only 10 people who can attend this exclusive event.

Each masterclass has a JRE Chef and restaurant, small producers and winemakers who are partners of the association.

The welcome started with a glass of the new, young rosé of the Korta Katarina winery from 2022, which is made from Plavac mali. Fresh, mineral and fruity rosé presented a very nice introduction to the masterclass. With a glass of rosé, we joined Saša Began - the chef of the Zadar restaurant Foša, who prepared for us a foccacia made with JRE Chiavalon olive oil. We had it accompanied by butter and Stone cheese.

Sirana Stone prepared homemade sheep's yogurt and butter and different types of cheese, and we also tried 70-day-aged cheeses, 12-month-aged truffle cheese, and 9-month-aged cheese.

The first dish Saša prepared was risotto with two types of cheese. Risotto Carnaroli from supplier Nikas, who are partners of the association, was cooked for about 20 minutes to get perfectly cooked grains combined with butter and Stone cheeses. A perfect creamy risotto with two types of cheese, one older and one younger covered with cheese chips, was the perfect base for tasting the 2022 Pošip of Korta Katarina winery, which is a combination of stainless steel and wood.


The main dish that Saša prepared was based on lamb from the same small producer as Sirana Stone. Sirana Stone also owns a lamb farm in the Šibenik hinterland. Rolled lamb shoulder and belly finished on the grill in combination with asparagus, carrots and lamb demiglas was accompanied by 2016 Korta Katarina winery's Plavac Mali. It was aged for 15 months in barrique barrels.

For dessert, Saša prepared Stone sheep yogurt mousse with Easter cake crumble and forest fruits!

The next masterclass, will be held at the Miele experience center in Zagreb on April 25. in which Navis restaurant, Ipša winery, small producers Sin Ravnica and partners Old Pilots participate! You too can participate in the masterclass by signing up at j.baljkas@jre.eu.