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news • February 17th, 2022

5 facts you didn’t know about market-leading washing professional solutions


JRE-Slovenia and Winterhalter Enter into Strategic Partnership We are excited to announce a new and productive partnership with Winterhalter, market-leading commercial dishwasher and glass washing experts, bringing into JRE Family their knowledge, professionalism / professional service and innovation.

The goal of a great business partnership is a shared vision and aligned values that combined make great solutions for the partners and their users.

“We are extremely happy to have connected with a strategic partner Winterhalter. We both learn from our past to innovate for the future!”

Gašper Puhan

president of JRE-Slovenia

Environment and sustainability are strong pillars that also connects both partners. High-quality standards are an average day for Winterhalter, who aim to deliver more than a warewasher. Their clients are looking for a professional solution: tailor-made for their requirements. Combined with good advice, clear planning and first-class service.

Our statement ‘Success is always a team effort’ is in our DNA, so we are very proud of the partnerships we make. Our synergies are in line and we can’t wait to start cooperating on projects together

Marko Škerl

CEO of Winterhalter Gastronom Slovenia

Did you know these 5 facts about our new partner?

  • The company was founded in the post-war period in Germany (1947) and it is still family owned.

  • Products, advice, service – three factors that interwine seamlessly at Winterhalter.

  • A machine for perfect cleanliness and hygiene. Perfectly coordinated accessories. Specially developed chemicals.

  • Winterhalter has a top-notch in-house laboratory for chemicals.

  • Over 15 sales and technical partners all over Slovenia.

Have a look at photo moments of Winterhalter’s hospitality from November when they hosted our Members Meeting and Elections.  

Winterhalter, welcome to the JRE family!