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destination • November 2nd, 2021

Food culture in Austria


As a result of its incredible food culture, Austrian cuisine offers a variety of delights, from regional specialties to global classics. Austrian sausages are unlike anything else you will find in the world. But Austrians have a sweet tooth as well, and often take breaks for a slice of cake in the middle of a long day. Let’s take a closer look at the food culture of Austria.

Home food

Most Austrians start their breakfast with a traditional sweet or sour bread roll, with either jam or cheese, together with coffee, tea, or juice. 

Warm lunches and cold dinners are typical for Austrians. Although this depends on taste and preference, in general, lunchtime is the perfect time to eat a variety of delicious and nourishing warm dishes. Goulash, soup, or deep-fried meat dishes are all great options that Austrians enjoy, especially during the colder winter months.   

Dinner in Austria takes at least one hour, and the delicious desserts, like Sachertorte and Apfelstrudel, could easily take another.

Restaurant food

Austrians are known to have a sweet tooth and love their coffee and cake tradition. Austrian coffee shops sometimes serve over fifty different types of cakes alongside a hot beverage, offering a quick pick-me-up for the midday dip. Austrians enjoy coffee and cake as part of their social life with friends and family.  

When having lunch or dinner at traditional restaurants, especially in the countryside, it is considered polite to start your meal by saying 'Mahlzeit'. There are usually at least three courses at a typical Austrian meal, and there is no rush to leave after the last bite. Before leaving, people enjoy a drink at the table, to complete their gastronomic event.

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