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JRE-Slovenia's official sparkling wine

Black&White sparkling wine

As you well know, the world of culinary arts, and thus the world of JRE, is a world of contrasts - but ones that pair well together! Eaters - chefs, sweet - sour, hot - cold, food - drink... It is now time for us, as creators of unique dishes, to also craft a beverage that stands out, as befits JRE, but also complements our philosophy and mission.

That's why we have joined forces with the oldest and most awarded Slovenian sparkling wine producer, Radgonske gorice, to present a sparkling wine that embodies everything JRE stands for.

JRE Sommeliers' Pick

In pursuit of selecting a unique JRE sparkling wine, JRE sommeliers chose the brut nature vintage 2018 among six different samples. This exceptional sparkling wine, produced using the traditional method, is a premium brut nature sparkling wine.

Embracing the Contrast

Black&White sparkling wine combines the dramatic contrast between two worlds - black and white. On one side with a full body that symbolizes depth and richness of flavor, and on the other with an enchanting freshness that brings a sense of lightness and vibrancy. This exceptional balance between fullness and freshness creates an unforgettable harmony of flavors and delights all the senses.

Black&White sparkling wine is an excellent choice for those who appreciate exceptional and unique experiences, tradition with a modern touch, and prestige.

Nina Bratovž, JB restavracija, JRE Sommelier of the year

Elegance and Sophistication for Every Occasion

Black&White sparkling wine represents elegance and sophistication, perfect for any occasion. It's an ideal selection for connoisseurs seeking extraordinary and distinctive experiences, blending tradition with a contemporary flair and embodying prestige.

The Preferred Choice at JRE Events

Black&White sparkling wine was first introduced at the annual meeting of JRE-Slovenija - Black&White event in Celje. From that point on, it has been the official sparkling wine of JRE events and is available in JRE restaurants. You are invited to indulge in the Black&White contrast in every glass!