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Maria Dunca

Maria Dunca believes that in order to be sublime, a meal must take place in a special emotional context. You have to be happy, open and relaxed to really appreciate a certain type of food. In Maria's mind, the perfect meal requires the right combination of good people, beautiful flowers, candles on the table, a glass of quality wine, and a hearty meal. Professionalism, dedication and the dynamics of Baracca's entire team, are tangible elements that define this restaurant. As a result, their work creates a kitchen that supports a healthy lifestyle and nurtures both body and soul into a single experience. A balanced menu is kept by chef Roland Suciu, with a mastery of complex recipes and attention to the quality of ingredients. In addition, she pays personal attention to the selection of wines, because it contributes to the perfection of the meal, enhancing each dish.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania
JRE JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs

Located in the heart of Cluj-Napoca in northwestern Romania, restaurant Baracca by Maria Dunca is the place where architecture and design meet. You'll find the restaurant provides a perfect setting to demonstrate your love for fine cuisine and quality ingredients. Taking inspiration from international cuisine, Restaurant Baracca serves creative, traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Get ready for chef Roland Suciu to amaze your palate with his inventive cuisine.

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