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Event • May 14th, 2024

Swan Hellenic cruise with chef Arjan Kuipers

JRE Chef Arjan Kuipers from Restaurant De Ertepeller Restaurant in the Netherlands will set sail on Swan Hellenic's SH Vega for an Unforgettable Gastronomic Journey -MARIS-

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Arjan Kuipers from De Ertepeller Restaurant in the Netherlands will be onboard the SH Vega departing from Lisbon and arriving in Portsmouth. This cruise is from the 14th until the 24th of May, 2024.

Throughout this period, guests will have the pleasure of indulging in his signature dishes and a specially curated menu for a Gala Dinner. He will entertain guests with a captivating cooking show and lead gastronomic excursions ashore, providing an opportunity to explore local culinary traditions and specialties.

Old World Gateways to the Atlantic - FROM LISBON TO PORTSMOUTH

Experience Europe’s maritime history as we travel to lesser-known ports and cities along the Portuguese, Spanish, and French Atlantic coasts before exploring the rugged beauty of Brittany and finally landing in the historic Naval town of Portsmouth. Take in all the sights, sounds, and flavors during our Western Europe cruise as you savor local specialties from port to cider to Rioja wine and be tempted by Portuguese cakes, Breton butter biscuits, and crepes. This maritime odyssey takes you from Lisbon, one of Europe’s oldest cities, to Portsmouth, one of the world’s best-known ports whose history can be traced to Roman times. Along the way, discover old towns and medieval walled cities with steep, narrow streets and ramparts, fisherman’s quarters, long stretches of sand, and exotic gardens. Journey with us on our boutique expedition ship and enjoy everything this little slice of Western Europe offers.

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