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Event • May 23rd, 2023

Swan Hellenic Portsmouth Dublin cruise with chef Manu Nunez

JRE Chef Manu Núñez from the restaurant Besta in Barcelona, Spain will set sail on Swan Hellenic's SH Vega for an Unforgettable Gastronomic Journey -MARIS-

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From May 23 to June 3, 2023, Chef Manu Núñez will go onboard the SH Vega with his culinary excellence as it sails from Portsmouth to Dublin. Throughout this period, guests will have the pleasure of indulging in Chef Manu's signature dishes and a specially curated menu designed to delight the most discerning palates during a spectacular Gala Dinner.

Moreover, Chef Manu Núñez will entertain guests with a captivating cooking show and lead gastronomic excursions ashore, providing an opportunity to explore local culinary traditions and specialties. Guests will have the privilege of immersing themselves in the local cultures, partaking in activities such as hunting, fishing, farming, and foraging, all while benefiting from the expert perspective of world-famous chefs. And, of course, Manu will also socialize with guests throughout his voyage in the Swan Hellenic cultural expedition cruise tradition.


Discover the British and Irish coastlines on this 11-night British Isles – Ireland, Scotland and North Wales cruise. Beginning in the historic naval town of Portsmouth on the English Channel, our boutique expedition ship takes in the best of the Cornish scenery with a trip to the subtropical Scilly Isles, before making its way across the Irish Sea. Our voyage takes us to Northern Ireland’s historic ports, taking in the mysterious Giant’s Causeway, before heading towards Scotland. There, we’ll explore age-old standing stones and delve into intriguing WWII naval history. As we cruise past highlands and islands, sit back and enjoy the scenery, watching out for wildlife and birds, such as common seals, dolphins and puffins.


• Visit the unique subtropical climate of the Scilly Isles, Britain’s most southwesterly point.

• Head to the Scottish Highlands and discover Loch Ewe’s WWII naval histor.

• Delve into legendary culture in Ireland’s bustling capital, Dublin.