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Event • June 7th, 2023

TAVOLATA 2023 JRE Austria

TAVOLATA 2023 transforms magical places into pop-up restaurants

Everything but ordinary is again the motto of the TAVOLATA culinary festival in 2023, which invites connoisseurs to the Upper Austrian region between the romantic town of Steyr, Schlierbach Abbey and the Kalkalpen National Park. From June 7th to 18th, 2023, there will be big cooking again, but not in the restaurants of top chefs, but in highly unusual places.

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Steyr, Austria

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In the form of pop-up restaurants, JRE and award-winning chefs such as Lukas Kapeller, Klemens Schraml and Max Rahofer transform magical places in Upper Austria's cultural landscape into a culinary stage. Whether it’s a museum or an art studio, a historical residence or a raft on the lake – each of the events is a unique snapshot, enriched by special culinary experiences. The stars are not international chefs on a short visit, but all the treasures of the Upper Austrian region of Steyr and the National Park with their manufactories , farmers, craftsmen and artists. TAVOLATA, which means something like round table or enjoying together, is designed as a happy, culinary festival for everyone from June 7th to 18th, 2023 over two long weekends.

The events can be perfectly combined with individual hotel arrangements from the TVB Steyr National Park Region. Detailed program, information and tickets: www.tavolata.at
Info about the Region: www.steyr-nationalpark.at