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interview • March 14th, 2022

Interview with Andreas Laux


Andreas Laux is chef at Werners Restaurant in Schloss Eberstein. After learning the fundamentals of cooking from chef Bernd Werner in Gernsbach, he assisted Bernd in his restaurant’s kitchen at Schloss Eberstein. To gain more culinary experience, Andreas then worked at Hotel & Restaurant Kronenschlösschen, the Gästehaus Klaus Erfort, and Klaus Erfort’s Food-Quartier.  Andreas graduated from Heidelberg's Hotel Management School as a master chef. In 2015, he returned to Schloss Eberstein and Werners Restaurant where he now works side-by-side with Bernd Werner as a chef. In this interview, we ask Andreas some questions to get to know him better.

Andreas, how would you describe your cooking style?

Basically, we cook in the classic way. However, we don't close ourselves off to new methods, combinations or products. The result is a kind of classic cuisine that keeps on surprising.

What is your favourite dish to make?

There are dishes that are always on the menu: foie gras, oxtail essence, or saddle of venison. All these dishes are not forgiving of mistakes. For example, if a deer is stressed, it becomes crumbly or too soft. That’s why I love it when an honest product lands on the plate, showing the true spirit of craftsmanship.

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

Butter, definitely. It’s so simple, so traditional and so delicious.

Butter is my flavour enhancer.

Andreas Laux


Who is one of your top suppliers or producers?

Franz Riederer from Gutshof Polting. In my opinion, he has the best lamb I've ever cooked. We also have a friendship that goes beyond the normal ordering ritual. In this context I should also mention Manuel Ruess from Büffel Bill. But we’ve also had other loyal suppliers at the castle for many years. One of these is Florian Schaaf from Team Cuisine.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your culinary career?

The biggest challenge in my culinary career was opening a pop-up restaurant in Saarbrücken, together with my boss Klaus Erfort. In the end, it was a successful experience for us. We cooked for up to 80 guests a day in a former fitness club. It remains a great memory.

Which gastronomic trend are you excited about the most?

We are predominantly classical cooks and like to stick to that. Classic cuisine never dies out, it will always remain the basis and it has the potential to keep on surprising.

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Braised veal knuckle, with porcini mushrooms and Alba truffle.

What's one thing in the area that guests have to see or do?

Gastronomy is very important here in the region. The Murg valley upwards has just as much to offer as the neighbouring town of Baden-Baden. Every hungry and demanding guest will find their way around here. Of course, also in combination with the beautiful cycling trail along the Tour de Murg.

Thank you, Andreas.

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