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interview • April 25th, 2022

Interview with Jockl Kaiser


Jockl Kaiser is owner-chef at restaurant Meyers Keller. This cozy dining spot is located in Nördlingen, a picturesque town in Bavaria, Germany. With a garden of century-old lime trees, this inn is housed in a luxury country house. Joachim (Jockl) Kaiser and his wife are the third generation to run this beautiful establishment which draws gourmets from near and far. In the kitchen, chef Joachim works with sustainable agriculture and integrates these high-quality ingredients into his holistic cuisine. We asked the chef some questions to get to know him better, about his culinary career, favourite ingredients, and much more.

Jockl, how would you describe your cooking style?

We work in many directions. In addition to our star cuisine, we also have the signature menu "With loaf and soul", which reflects our culinary DNA. This menu includes classics such as cabbage rolls, Maultaschen, Blutwurstgrötschl, Wiener Schnitzel and Kaiserschmarrn. Every dish is not served on plates, but in bowls and platters from which the guests eat directly, just as it used to be done at the family table.   Our “Diversity” menu brings regional and seasonal highlights and top products to your plate in 5, 6 or 7 courses. We cook regionally, but not dogmatically, and are seasonally oriented because nature gives us the best in every season.

What's your favourite dish to make?

Always precisely what is currently driving us, or the dish that we are currently working on.

What is your favourite ingredient to work with?

I enjoy working with perfectly crafted food that reveals its origins and impresses with its own taste.

We cook regionally, but not dogmatically

Jockl Kaiser

Meyers Keller

Who is one of your top suppliers or producers?

We have a great regional network. For example, we get the meat for our in-house Rieser Culatello Riserva from the Schwäbisch-Hällische producer association, which harmonizes animal welfare and quality in an exemplary manner.    Of course, we are also supplied by the JRE-Genussnetz, to which I am closely connected as a chef and founding member in Germany. In addition, we purchase the very good Jordan olive oil or chocolate from Original Beans, which are of sensational quality and, as a company, are outstanding in terms of social commitment and nature conservation.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your culinary career?

My biggest challenge was to start my culinary career at a very young age when I lacked experience and skills. But that did help shape my character. Humility is a good companion.

Which gastronomic trend are you excited about the most?

We consider all trends in gastronomy to be important. Similar to the avant-garde in art, they break the rules and broaden horizons. That doesn't mean that you just adopt trends, but rather think about what and how they suit you.

If you could only eat one dish for the rest of your life, what would that be?

This sounds like a terrible idea for a chef! But one of my favourite dishes is homemade Maultaschen (​​meat-filled dumplings), regardless of their shape.

What’s one thing in the area that your guests absolutely need to see or do?

Our region is a very special one. About 15 million years ago, a meteorite struck the Ries and formed a crater of around 25 km in diameter, in which we live today. A special microclimate has emerged that shapes our region and, to a certain extent, the food in our region.   Nördlingen is also a historic medieval city. The only one in Germany whose city wall is completely preserved and accessible. The atmosphere of our city is beautiful, warm, authentic, and at the same time cosmopolitan, as there is a creative industry with many hidden gems in our region.

Thank you, Jockl.

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