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news • March 22nd, 2022

JRE Academy teach how to "poelieren"


At the JRE Academy, trainees from different JRE-Germany members study various additional qualifications that prepare them perfectly for top gastronomy.

For example, Steffen Disch from Raben Horben taught the JRE Academy trainees how to "poelieren" - a particularly nutrient-friendly and healthy cooking method. “Poelieren” is a mixture of frying and steaming and requires full attention and a sure instinct. And our trainees were able to prove that they own this yesterday.

At the JRE Academy you will learn, work and "grow". We are expressly committed to partnership-based training. We have mutual rights, obligations and one overriding common goal: your successful and good training. It is the beginning of a real career because you will get the chance to learn from the best. During your training, you will not only learn from them how to select the best ingredients, combine them in a refined way and season them aromatically, how to fry, steam and simmer. Rather, they pass on to you the valuable philosophy of their "never ending passion": experience, enjoyment, skill, and genuine passion for the profession.