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news • February 27th, 2023

JRE Cooking Cup Belgium


The Ninth edition of the JRE Cooking Cup took place on Monday, February the 6th. This event was organized by JRE Belgium in Ter Groene Poorte.

The Ninth edition of the JRE-Belgium Cooking Cup took place on Monday, February 6th, in the Hotelschool Ter Groene Poorte, Bruge. This was a great opportunity for young hotel school students to put into practice their talents and skills in front of experienced chefs, learn how to prepare for their professional future and create a link between generations. A jury of experts in the field judged the performance, both in the kitchen and on the plate.

The school teaches students to master specific techniques to stand out and share their originality. Throughout this competition, young restaurateurs aim to prepare future chefs to be able to react in the best way and to work under stress.

Six students competed the finals in front of an audience of chefs and experts from the culinary and gastronomic world. The six finalists were the hotel schools Ter Groene Poorte, Rhizo, Hasselt, Saint-Ghislain, Sima and Piva.

At 8:30 am, the finalists were already in the kitchen. The assignment consisted in preparing a three-course menu, where they had to combine different ingredients, for example: duck and root vegetables in the main course; and pear and chocolate in the dessert. Throughout the competition, we saw how the students showed their own style through the dishes they presented. Jesse Koelman and Zara De Vos from hotel school Ter Groene Poorte were crowned winners after an exceptional performance. There were also special prizes for the best Mystery Box, main course and dessert:

  • The hotel school Ter Groene Poorte won the Award for the Best Mystery Box

  • The Award for the best main course and the Award for the best dessert were also won by Ter Groene Poorte

The other equally deserving participants also received prizes offered by JRE partners, such as Bru, Verstegen, TUI and many others. With these awards, young chefs are encouraged to continue to excel in the kitchen, to the delight of Belgian and foreign gourmets and gastronomes.

JRE would like to thank the hotel school Ter Groene Poorte, our partners and sponsors who have made it possible to organize, once again, this great competition!