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news • April 3rd, 2023



On Wednesday 29.3. the first ever masterclass was held in cooperation with the JRE-Hrvatska restaurant association and the Miele kitchen. At the Miele experience center in Zagreb, starting at 5:00 p.m., the JRE-HR association hosted gastronomy lovers who registered to participate in this masterclass.

The leaders of the masterclass were Teo Fernetich from the San Rocco restaurant and hotel from Brtonigla, the Coronica winery, small producers of Rajska tomatoes and Maraska partners.

The masterclass started with a welcome and sparkling wine from the Coronica winery, with which we got to know the story of the winery and its wines. CO Due sparkling wine is made using the classic method, it is aged for a minimum of 36 months on its own yeasts in the bottle, it is Malvasia from Istria and it is extra brut.

Winery Coronica successfully continues the generational story of tradition. They come from and live in the village of Koreniki, where it all started. The Coronica family is an inseparable part of the Istrian terroir. Being a part of Istria, Bujština in particular, is what created their history and what creates their future. The vineyards have been breathing for more than a hundred years.

They enriched the experienced practice of generations with their own direction. It is, first of all, related to respect for tradition through the cultivation of autochthonous varieties, but also to increasingly intensive work on quality by reducing yields and applying modern technologies.

After the sparkling wine, we tasted the products of small producers of Rajska rajčice. They were the first in Croatia to start greenhouse hydroponic production, as well as production of special varieties of tomatoes and sales in packets, and they emphasize that they are the only brand of special varieties of tomatoes.

Production begins in the most modern greenhouses, which are located in Sveta Nedjelja and use top-notch, modern technology thanks to which the plants are fully protected from external harmful influences. Tomatoes are grown in tiers, using hydroponic technology, the main advantage of which is continuous harvesting during 9 months of the year, from March to December, which achieves a continuous yield and regular harvesting for most of the year, so that customers can enjoy original and natural products at all times. flavors of delicatessen tomatoes.

Rajska is also the proud holder of the Croatian Quality Mark of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, which further confirms that our tomatoes meet high quality requirements.

We tasted tomatoes and JRE Chiavalon olive oil, which is a special JRE product created in collaboration between JRE chefs and the Chiavalon brothers. Each new harvest, the chefs taste, comment, choose and decide which blend will be found under the JRE Chiavalon olive oil label. This year was chosen as a blend of Buže and Rožinjole, two varieties of olives.

While the food was cooking, we enjoyed a cocktail made by the bartender Luka from Maraska. The cocktail called Maraschino kiss was created and designed for JRE's event "Talent and passion", which took place last year in September in Zadar. The specialty cocktail especially for the JRE association has become a trademark of Maraska, and below we present the recipe for this signature cocktail.

Here you can find the Maraschino Kiss Recipe, if you would like to try to make it at home!

Teo Fernetich & team from San Rocco restaurant and hotel presented their "San Rocco" olive oils where we had a real olive oil tasting. The homemade foccacia prepared by San Rocco enriched the tasting of the oil. The main dish prepared by San Rocco was homemade curd gnocchi with tomato chips, salsa and reduced basil.

While the salad for the main course was cooking, we enjoyed the snacks created from rice chips, Grana Padano cheese cream, caramelized tomatoes, basil mayonnaise, all seasoned with homemade "San Rocco" olive oil. Along with the food, we also tasted the 2022 Coronica Malvazija. Young and fresh Malvazija, in the full sense of those words, is already revealing to us all the potential and characteristics of the 2022 harvest. We had the first taste of Malvazija, which is not yet on the market.

The food was served on a variety of dishes prepared by the duo Duke group. They brought different types, brands and designs of tableware and cutlery so that each of us could choose the plate that he likes the most.

At the end of the masterclass, we finished drinking the last wine from Coronica, and we enjoyed the wine called Grabar from 2018. Blended Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which reflect the climate and minerality of "terra rossa", the location in the vineyard from which the wine takes its name. It is aged for 3 and a half years in large oak barrels and at least 6 months in the bottle.

During the year, JRE-Hrvatska & Miele organize as many as 8 masterclasses divided between Zagreb and Split. Each masterclass brings new lecturers, and it is always one JRE restaurant, one winemaker and a small producer who are partners of the association.

An indispensable part of every masterclass are Lehmann glasses from which wines from Zadar distributor Atrox are tasted, Metro selection of fresh fruit and vegetable assortment, Nikas spices and refreshing water Aqua Panna and San Pellegrino importer and distributor Pago.

You too can participate in masterclasses that are closed, for a limited number of people. The price of the masterclass is 46.45 euros, and the first five registrations get their tickets completely free! You can find out which are the upcoming masterclasses here and register by emailing j.baljkas@jre.eu

The next JRE & Miele masterclass will be held on April 12. in Split, in the Miele experience center, and the participants are Foša restaurant, Stone cheese and Korta Katarina winery!