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news • April 17th, 2023

New JRE-Croatia Guide with Priceless.com Experience


For all lovers of gastronomy, the JRE association has presented a new restaurant guide with recommendations of the top restaurants in Croatia. This year, you will find in the guide an activity to collect stamps and win a gastronomic experience in one of our restaurants.

By visiting JRE-HR restaurants and downloading free digital content at the Priceless.com platform, you can collect eight different stamps within the calendar year 2023 and win a gastronomic experience in one of the JRE-HR restaurants of your choice.

After collecting eight stamps from eight different Croatian JRE restaurants (by physically visiting the restaurants or combining physical visits to the restaurants with downloading digital content), send a photo of the page with the stamps, along with your personal data, to j.baljkas@jre.eu, so that your award-winning gastronomic experience can be arranged.

All guests, domestic and foreign, can participate in the experience. The minimum amount of consumption required to obtain a stamp in a restaurant is 100 euros, and downloading digital content on Priceless.com is completely free.

Mastercard® card users have a special benefit that allows them to get to the prize menu faster in the selected JRE restaurant in Croatia. By registering your Mastercard card on Mastercard's experiential platform Priceless.com, you have the opportunity to download digital content for free - virtual tours of JRE restaurants in Croatia, which also contain video recipes by renowned chefs. Each downloaded video content is worth one stamp. In order to win a gastronomic experience in a selected JRE restaurant, all eight stamps must be collected by the 31 December 2023. The offer applies only to Croatian JRE restaurants from the JRE-HR 2023 guide.