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news • August 3rd, 2022

La Leggenda dei Frati - by Resort


The serene calm of Villa Bardini with its sumptuous garden, which offers a formidable view of Florence and its symbolic buildings, is the ideal setting for La Leggenda dei Frati, the gastronomic research laboratory founded by Filippo Saporito and Ombretta Giovannini.

The chiseled and effective menu of the starred restaurant judiciously follows local flavors, the seasonality and the dialogue with the producers. The result is a jewel that chef Filippo Saporito continually perfects. Whether you prefer à la carte or opt for one of the set menus, the masterfully offered experience combines substance, contrasts, great delicacy in the choice and fusion of flavors. The result is a complete immersion in the world of chef Saporito.

In a journey among the peaks of taste there is no shortage of top dishes for inventiveness, textures, combinations and intensity. The first we indicate is the sublime Terrine of Livers, Colonnata Lard, Dried Figs and Crème Caramel - an emblematic dish of the chef in the menu since 2004. The second is the enveloping Scorzonera Pigeon, Carrot, Fir that stands out for its technique and refinement. Impeccable is the dining room service that accompanies - supported by the reasoned cellar - the various stages of our experiential journey into gastronomic culture.

In La Leggenda dei Frati, Filippo Saporito, in fact , designs a fresh and modern cuisine, close to the territory, with exciting and successful creative reinterpretations.