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news • May 16th, 2022

Juan Carlos Ferrando's terrace opens its second season


The Juan Carlos Ferrando Restaurant opens for second time the new season of La Terraza, the new gastronomic space inaugurated a year ago, which expands the offer of the María Teresa Gil de Gárate pedestrian street in Logroño.

High tables, linen tablecloths and wine-tasters welcome the customer with a midday and afternoon offer, different from the restaurant's menu but with the style that defines the Argentine chef: current Riojan, Basque, French, Argentine-inspired cuisine, paired with an excellent seasonal product.

NATURAL: Castro y González Iberian loin, steamed Huelva prawns and Gillardeau nº2 oysters, crème fraîche and trout roe.

SALTED • BRINE • PICKLES • PICKLED: Marinated and smoked salmon, fresh spring onion and crème fraîche, Coquelet from the Landes, lightly pickled and sautéed mushrooms, Desalted cod marinated in garlic, roasted tomato and arugula and salted Cantabrian anchovies.

FROM HIS KITCHEN: Russian prawn salad, Argentine-style beef dumplings, Roast chicken and Iberian ham croquettes, Sautéed artichokes with ham, Pil-pil cod cheeks and Riojan style beef tripe