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news • November 10th, 2022

Le Nouveau chef & JRE


Le Nouveau Chef is a family business, started by one generation and continued by another. It all started in 1986 with the simple idea to create distinctive attire, designed to help chefs be the best they can be. As our family continues to grow, we not only maintain this philosophy, we embody it by always striving to excel at what we do best. We care a great deal about establishing genuine, long-lasting connections with our clients. We consider them, as well as our staff, to be part of the family. We are proud to be part of this community of chefs. A community that pays great attention to detail and always strives for perfection. Just like we do.

35 years of Le Nouveau Chef

In 1986, Robert ten Hoope, founder of Le Nouveau Chef, discovered that many of his chef friends experienced a lack of well-fitting and comfortable chef's clothing. He spoke to several chefs and came up with different designs and ideas to increase their comfort in the kitchen. He tested his designs extensively and adapted them again and again until he created a number of chef jackets that increased the level of comfort for the chefs. Clothing that allowed chefs to experience true freedom of movement in the kitchen. Robert used only the highest quality fabrics and was the first in his field to find the balance between functionality and style in the kitchen. This resulted in a new more 'fashionable' fit for the hospitality industry.

This is how it all started, and what brought us to where Le Nouveau Chef is today: continuously innovating and balancing practicality and style while holding sustainability in high regard. Today, Le Nouveau Chef is owned and run by Robert’s daughter Madelon and his son-in-law Paul van Luipen.

Le Nouveau Chef specializes in the design and production of professional clothing for kitchen and service personnel with the specific aim of combining fashion with functionality, with a keen eye for sustainability. Le Nouveau Chef also tries to inspire hospitality entrepreneurs and their employees by designing fashionable, luxurious clothing with a perfect fit. Le Nouveau Chef has a wide range in catering clothing: chef jackets, bib aprons, aprons and other kitchen-related accessories.

“We have always regarded chefs as individuals who should be able to express their personal style, just like they do when creating their signature dishes. Thanks to them, we have been able to expand our expertise and we continue this by building a chef community around the world”

Paul van Luipen

CEO - Le Nouveau Chef

Green Choices

Known for our high-quality and innovative designs, we are also leading in incorporating sustainable fabrics in chef’s wear. All products in our collection are made of sustainable fabrics, which ensures you that you invest in a piece of garment which is mainly produced by respecting the natural resources of our planet. Our products contain either TENCEL®, organic cotton or recycled PET polyester.  

Le Nouveau Chef strives for a 'green' hospitality industry by creating products that are made with respect for people and nature. Production of both our clothing and fabrics takes place in Europe, which ensures a fair working environment compared to other areas outside the EU. Furthermore, Le Nouveau Chef makes environmentally friendly choices. By choosing materials that last a long time, a durable quality of the products is guaranteed.

35 years of craftmanship, experience and innovation. Ready for whatever comes next.