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news • May 16th, 2022

The new JRE member chef Marrero, one of the few in Spain with a rigorous “closed circle” Km0 culinary, launched Muxgo in Gran Canaria.


” Marrero proposes, with two menus (short and long), a vertiginous Km0 journey through the products of his farms in Tejeda in a display of local creativity and “butchering”.

The MuXgo terrace also offers two plantations (horizontal and vertical) to finish the dishes in direct live.

The restaurant 100% sustainable is on the rooftop of the Catalina Plaza Sustainable hotel, next to the Santa Catalina Park and the ocean in the background.

His sustainable farms are on the peaks of the Island (45 minutes from the restaurant), they look out over the volcanic peaks and the“ Tormentadas” from Tejeda. These farms are the main source of ingredients in his fascinating dishes, such as dehydrated forest broccoli on beetroot cream; the Tejeda cheese sandwich with stewed goat meat…

All the remote flavors of the peaks of Gran Canaria, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are in his menu of high locality and sustainability.