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recipe • Vegetarian

Pissaladière - Fingerfood Congress - Timo Reichelt

50 Year Congress Fingerfood recipe by Timo Reichelt - Au Coin des Bons Enfants


  • Peal the onions and cut them in half

  • Cut the onions on an cutting machine (position 8) in half rings.

  • Bake the onions in the frying oil in a broad pan until glossy (don’t brown them)

  • Add the port and the herbs (the herbs should only be infused, so put them in a cloth so you can easily take them out after)

  • Boil with a ‘cartouche’ and lid until fully cooked.

  • Transfer into a gourmet bin with holes and save under pressure, save the liquid in a gourmet bin below.

  • After a day take the liquid and evaporate the liquid until nice brown colour (make sure it doesn't get too bitter)

  • Make the liquid until pudding thickness with xanthana.

  • Remove the herbs from the onions.

  • Mix the onions with the pudding liquid and flavour with salt and chicken stock powder.

1,5 kg Spanish Onions
150 ml White port
0.5 Bayleave
Chicken stock powder
5 ml Frying oil


  • Make the crème like a mayonnaise

  • Mix the yoghurt, eggwhite and sushi vinegar in a blender and add the ansjovis oil slowly while mixing.

  • Flavour with salt

60 ml Ansjovis oil
7,5 gr Yoghurt
12,5 gr Eggwhite
3 gr Sushi vinegar

Final preparation

  • Fill the savory cups with the onions

  • Add the Gruyere cheese on top and gratinate

  • Put the crème in a piping bag and put on top of the cups

  • Garnish with Nasturtium cherry leaves and serve luke warm

25 Savory cups, diameter 3,8 cm
50 gr Gruyere cheese, grated
25 Nasturtium Cherry leaves