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recipe • Fish / Shellfish

Sea bass | Langoustine | Redmeat Radish | Dill | Moticress

Category Fish / Shellfish
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Marko Karelse, chef and owner of Villa La Ruche in Voorburg, has been using less salt as a seasoning for years. He himself indicates that this has brought the level of his dishes and flavors to a higher level. How does he do that? He mainly cooks with seasonal products and looks for pure ingredients to flavor his dishes. For example, he uses cresses. Not only as a garnish, but especially to add flavor to his dishes. Curious about this delicious recipe with less salt?

Sea bass

Mix the finely chopped sea bass in a bowl with lime juice, oil and pepper. Set the marinated sea bass aside.

200 g Sea bass fillet, finely chopped
1 Lime, juice
1 tbsp Oil
Pepper, to taste
Moticress (Koppert Cress)


Heat a frying pan over high heat. Lightly burn the langoustines until they have a nice golden brown color. Season with pepper and set aside.

8 Langoustines
Pepper, to taste

Spinach oil

Heat the oil in a pan to 80 degrees Celsius. Add the spinach and dill to the warm oil. Use a hand blender to mix the herbs into the oil until a nice green color is obtained. Strain the oil to remove any solids and set aside.

10 g Spinach
50 ml Oil
30 g Dill

'Hangop' dressing

Mix the 'hangop', yogurt, Tabasco and pepper in a bowl. Add the spinach oil and mix well into a smooth dressing.

25 g 'Hangop'
25 g Greek Yoghurt
Tabasco, to taste
Pepper, to taste

Sweet and sour vegetables

Bring the water, white wine, sugar, white wine vinegar, shallot and bay leaf to the boil in a pan. Let the sweet and sour mixture cool completely. Cut the kohlrabi and redmeat radish into thin slices and cut them out with a round cutter. Place the slices of vegetables in the cooled sweet and sour sauce and let marinate for one day.

75 ml Water
75 ml White wine
75 g Sugar
50 ml White wine vinegar
1 Sjalot, in rings
1 Bayleave
1 Kohlrabi
1 Redmeat radish

Assembling the dish

Divide the sweet and sour vegetables evenly among four plates. Place the marinated sea bass next to the vegetables and garnish with Bean Blossom (Koppert Cress). Place two langoustines on each plate next to the sea bass. Sprinkle the dressing with spinach oil and hang over the dish. Serve immediately and enjoy.