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Gasthaus Löwen

Discover Gasthaus Löwen: A Culinary Journey in Menzingen, Zug

Welcome to Gasthaus Löwen in Menzingen, the oldest and most renowned culinary establishment in the Canton of Zug. Owned and operated by Franco Körperich and his wife Tanja, this charming inn has been serving exceptional cuisine and warm hospitality for decades. At this restaurant you will find tradition combined with creativity, making Gasthaus Löwen the culinary destination in Menzingen.

Gasthaus Löwen

Menzingen, Switzerland
G&M 16
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Franco Körperich

Franco Körperich
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Franco Körperich has an impressive story in which he transforms from an apprentice in Nuremberg to the proprietor of Gasthaus Löwen in Menzingen. Franco has an unwavering dedication to his craft by committing to quality, locally sourced ingredients, and his innovative fusion of classic French cuisine with Far East influences.

Timeless Culinary Artistry

Warm Hospitality

Innovative Fusion Cuisine

Culinary Excellence: Experience the "Menü Surprise"

Franco Körperich's ‘Menü Surprise’ combines classic French cuisine with exciting Asian influences. The carefully curated menu shows seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for every food enthusiast.

A Well-Stocked Wine Cellar: Tanja's Expertise

Tanja oversees the impressive wine cellar, offering a selection that perfectly complements the chef’s culinary plates. Here you’ll find an array of exquisite local vintages and rare international finds, elevating your dining experience.

Hospitality Redefined: From Guest to Friend

At Gasthaus Löwen, hospitality is a core value. Franco and Tanja take great pride in making every guest feel like a valued friend from the moment they arrive. Their warm and attentive service ensures a memorable visit.

Local Tradition Meets Modern Delights in Menzingen

Discover the allure of Gasthaus Löwen, where tradition and innovation intertwine harmoniously. And don’t forget to experience the charm of Menzingen.



Gasthaus Löwen Holzhäusernstrasse 2 6313 Menzingen Switzerland


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Opening times

Wednesday 18:30 - 23:45
Thursday 18:30 - 23:45
Friday 18:30 - 23:45
Saturday 18:30 - 23:45
Sunday 11:30 - 15:30

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