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news • November 23rd, 2023



The Dysart Petersham's Kamil Nowak to Champion UK in the 56th Le Taittinger Prix Culinaire International.

In a triumph for British culinary excellence, Senior Sous Chef Kamil Nowak from The Dysart Petersham has claimed the prestigious title of the UK's representative at the 56th Le Taittinger Prix Culinaire International. Nowak's victory marks a significant milestone, earning him the honor of showcasing the nation's gastronomic finesse on an international stage.

The Le Taittinger Prix Culinaire International stands as a beacon of culinary distinction, celebrating a fusion of tradition and innovation in the world of gastronomy. Nowak's win elevates him to the position of envoy for Britain's rich culinary heritage, poised to compete in the forthcoming event slated to take place in Paris early next year.

Set against the backdrop of culinary excellence, the global face-off scheduled for the end of January in Paris promises a thrilling spectacle. Participants, including Nowak, will bring to life their submitted dishes while bracing themselves for the challenge of an undisclosed culinary test. This mystery challenge is a hallmark of the competition, demanding versatility, skill, and swift thinking from the chefs vying for victory.

The stakes are undeniably high in this prestigious competition. The ultimate accolade, bestowed by Taittinger, awaits the chef who successfully navigates the challenges, showcasing unparalleled creativity, precision, and mastery in the culinary arts. For Nowak, emerging as the victor would signify not only personal triumph but also a testament to the UK's culinary prowess on a global scale.

The anticipation surrounding Nowak's representation of the UK is palpable, with expectations soaring as the event draws near. The Dysart Petersham and its team rally behind their esteemed Senior Sous Chef, confident in his culinary prowess and the unique blend of innovation and tradition that he brings to the table.