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news • November 29th, 2021

These holidays, say it with a JRE gift card


With over 350 possibilities spread across 15 countries in Europe and the UK, the JRE Gift card is a perfect gift for fine dining connoisseurs. This small card or e-voucher tells the grand story of your gratitude and values. A true gift to wow your loved ones or business partners – we all love a delicious meal, fine dining experience with never-ending passion.

Here is why JRE Gift cards or e-vouchers are the perfect gifts:

  • Best fine dining restaurants & hotels and delicious culinary experience anywhere in Europe and the UK.

  • A gift of choice that won’t end up in the trash.

  • A great option for cross-border gifts.

  • Perfect last-minute gift. E-vouchers are sent immediately after payment directly to your email inbox.

  • Easy and fast ordering process.

  • Beautiful design and gift package.

  • Long expiration dates.

What is a Gift card and what is an e-voucher?

Both, Gift cards and e-vouchers can be given in popular denominations: 25, 50, and 100 €. The main difference is that the Gift card has a special design and is sent to you in a gift package in 2-3 days, while e-vouchers are printable documents that are in your e-mail inbox (or the inbox or your gift recipient) immediately after payment.

With this, the recipient of your gift can select a JRE-Restaurant of their choice – no matter in which country! – and enjoy an exclusive menu in one of the top restaurants of the Jeunes Restaurateurs.

Good food is good mood and the perfect gift

This is how it works

You can order the JRE Giftcard here (you will be directed to our JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs e-shop). We will deliver it as an exclusive gift package directly to your home or the address of your recipient.


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