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news • July 28th, 2022

Travel and Hospitality


Travel and Hospitality awards is held by a group of travel enthusiasts, bloggers, and experts who’ve come together to celebrate those organizations that are excelling in the field of travel and hospitality. The panel of judges work independently and they choose the best hotels, tour operators, and other organizations that are doing well in the industry as winners of the prestigious award. The process is designed so that the winners are recognised based on merit with a fair and transparent judging process.

To be nominated for the Travel & Hospitality Awards, companies can be entered by self-nomination, customers, travel agents, or tour operators.

Once nominations are closed, the nominees are requested to formally accept the invitation to participate and begin the qualification phase of the awards. This includes a short survey to gather information and pictures to determine the most suitable category.

The process is carried out entirely online.

They believe that the travel industry is booming and while online reviews are great, it always helps to have some recognition from a credible, third-party source. Additionally, as travel lovers, they wish to recognize those organizations that are shaping the industry and showcase them to their 85,000 strong readership. Their goal is to provide the very best tips on travel to our discerning readers too. This way, they intend to bring out the best in the travel industry and highlight it for the world to see.

Now nominated:
Restaurant Sarriette, Peer Belgium, Member of JRE-Belgium since 2020.