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Ujemi odsev življenja

Catch the reflection of life

The water is our mirror

It’s time to look at the reflection and consider if we like what we see. Would we rather throw a rock, stir the water, wait for it to calm down, and try again? Uncompromisingly, we offer you the best that Slovenia has to offer - the taste of tap water. The bottle RE ◦ water is a prestigious, superbly designed and at the same time ecological and sustainable glass packaging that respects the valuable content it carries.

97 % of the world's water is not drinkable.

2/3 of the world's population faces severe water shortages for at least one month a year.

3 days is how long a person can survive without water.

2.400 L of 'hidden' water is needed to make one hamburger.

80 % of the oxygen on Earth comes from water.

730 L of water per year is the recommended amount for an adult to drink.

Tells the story of our waters

RE • WATER Bottle • Presents the regional diversity of water. • Provides knowledge and information. • Perfect design and premium look. • Gives the best shape to water. • Made from the cleanest glass. • Improving and changing the world.

We wanted to connect organizations that are aware of the importance of nature and water resources.

Gašper Puhan

President of JRE-Slovenia

The Story

The most prominent representatives of fine cuisine, 19 members of the Slovenian association JRE, will offer the guest first and foremost clean, running tap water, which we will also present in its entirety according to its qualities. In addition to an exceptional culinary experience, we will raise the awareness of drinking water in Slovenia and provide relevant information about what kind of water it drinks, its characteristics, pairing with wines and food. At the same time, by gradually reducing the use of bottled water, we will help conserve water resources.

Our partners

We know that we are not alone in our efforts. Therefore, we decided to look for partners who have similar values. In the project JRE Slovenija joined forces with our partner Steklarna Hrastnik, a renowned global partner in developing and manufacturing world-class engineered glass products, and the organizers of the Bled Water Festival, the leading platform for water innovations in the region. Together we have developed a special bottle that respects the valuable content it carries with its exceptional design.

Glass is the most environmentally friendly material

The choice of material is not a coincidence. Water is a world traveller that is constantly circulating and never leaving Earth. You could say that water is recycled and returned in a different form. Likewise, glass as a material can be completely recycled and reused without compromising its quality. The concept of sustainable resource management is one of the basic pillars of the company Steklarna Hrastnik strategy, which produces products from one of the cleanest glasses in the world and is, therefore, a true partner of our project.

Together we will promote healthy habits, take care of a clean environment and keep Slovenia beautiful for future generations.

Peter Čas

CEO Steklarna Hrastnik


Gašper Puhan
Gašper Puhan
President JRE-Slovenia

JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs is an association of top restaurants founded in 1974 in France. It combines talent and passion for the profession and a desire to share experiences.

  • Slovenia: 22 members

  • Europe: 350+ members

  • Over 180 Michelin stars

Members JRE-Slovenia: Hiša Franko, Atelje, Dam, Gostilna Rajh, Pikol, Mahorčič, Danilo, Rakar, Pavus, Rizibizi, Skipass / Mama Marija, MaK, Galerija okusov, Grič, Repovž, Gostilna pri Lojzetu, Ošterija Debeluh, Špacapanova hiša, JB restaurant, TaBar, Hiša Raduha, Hiša Linhart

Peter Čas
Peter Čas
Steklarna Hrastnik

Global business partner in the development and production of state-of-the-art glass packaging and table glass. It manufactures highly technically demanding products from one of the cleanest glasses in the world and is subsidiary of the GlobalGlass holding.