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destination • November 2nd, 2021

Food culture in Croatia


In Croatia, you will find a different type of typical Croatian food in every region. Croatian cuisine widely reflects its diverse cultural and geographic influences. But what about their eating habits in more practical terms? We took a closer look at the Croatian food culture and will tell you everything you need to know.

Home food

Throughout Croatia, the traditional breakfast used to consists of burek, a pastry stuffed with meat, spinach or cheese. The modern Croat begins the day with a lighter breakfast, usually just coffee, pastry, and fruit, topped with some yogurt.  

For lunch, Croats eat either a small early or large late lunch. A quick and healthy lunch is often made from a market-fresh selection of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, bread, and ham.   Večera (dinner) is typically light and usually served around 8 pm or later. Frequently, it consists of thin-crust pizza or a plate of snacks, such as čevapi (spicy grilled sausage), pršut (smoked ham) and cheese or grilled sardines. Few Croats are in a position to afford to dine out regularly, but when they do, it tends to be a large family gathering on a weekend night.

Restaurant food

Foodie culture is experiencing rapid growth in Croatia, fueled by the slow-food movement, which stresses fresh, locally-produced ingredients and a relaxed approach to eating.   

The Istria and the Kvarner regions have quickly risen to the top of the gastronomic ladder, and other destinations aren't far behind either. Here, slow-food delicacies and innovative dishes created by up-and-coming chefs are being served in a new age of Croatian restaurants.  

Due to the limit to what the local Croats can afford to pay, some Croatian restaurants are unbelievably cheap, and few are exorbitantly expensive. But Croatia has a wide variety of affordable dining options no matter your budget.   

Restaurants open for lunch around noon and typically serve food continuously until midnight. Booking ahead at Croatia's top restaurants is a good idea, especially during the summer high season. 

Discover Croatian food for yourself

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