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Croatian cuisine

Croatia is an exciting place for gourmets and food connoisseurs. Every region in the country has its own distinct culinary identity. Its mainland cuisine is shaped by Hungarian, Viennese and Turkish influences, whereas the coastal region’s cuisine draws inspiration from Mediterranean kitchens – including Italian and French cooking. What specialties to expect? Tasty seafood and Istrian truffle-based dishes that’ll make your mouth water.



Once a year JRE-Croatia organises its by now traditional and exclusive 'Talent & Passion' event. On this unique day, and under the motto 'never-ending Passion', all our chefs, and sommeliers come together to create and share their Passion. The 2023 edition, featuring 16 of the best restaurants in Croatia, was held on the golf courses of the Kempinski resort!

JRE gift cards

Purchase a JRE gift card or gift voucher and surprise your loved one or business partner with an unforgettable gourmet experience at any of our 350 affiliated restaurants, holding over 180 Michelin stars and 4,000 Gault Millau points in total.The JRE gift card is delivered by post and can be redeemed at any of our JRE restaurants or hotels. Looking for a last-minute gift? You can easily personalise our JRE gift voucher and print it out from the comfort of your own home. Our gift voucher can be redeemed at any of our JRE restaurants or hotels.

The new JRE Guide 2024 is here!

Dear guests, gastronomy lovers, colleagues, and partners, I am pleased to present the JRE-Croatia association guide for the year 2024! JRE is an international association of young restaurateurs and chefs with one common goal: sharing knowledge, experience and love for food! Today, the association includes 390 restaurants and 160 hotels in 16 countries around the world. This year, the Croatian family has 15 restaurants that are closely connected by one thread - passion. "Never-ending passion" is the motto of the JRE association with which its members live and grow. We are a big family where everything revolves around sharing, encouraging and inspiring passion and talent. Indulge in the creations on the plates, feel the unique flavours and enjoy! Get your own copy at one of our members or download the guide below.

MARIS - Culinary Discovery at Sea

JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs has partnered with Swan Hellenic to create Maris – an entirely new dimension in gastronomic discovery by sea. This one-of-a-kind experience, will feature some wonderful and talented JRE chefs from around Europe, on board of the DIANA and VEGA ships. JRE chefs will use their culinary excellence, and passion for tradition, sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, to create astonishing new expressions of the territories explored. They will prepare signature dishes, teach cooking classes and create menus to thrill the palate of the most discerning guests.

Mastercard Priceless

By visiting JRE-HR restaurants and downloading free digital content on the Priceless.com platform, collect eight different stamps within the calendar year 2024 and win a gastronomic experience in one of our JRE-HR restaurants of your choice! All guests, domestic and foreign, can participate in the prize draw. Ask for a stamp when visiting a restaurant, and downloading digital content on Priceless.com is completely free. New from this year is that when you visit the restaurant during the "Passion week with Mastercard" activation, you can request a stamp and participate in the prize draw! Mastercard® card users have a special benefit that enables them to get to the award menu faster in selected JRE restaurants in Croatia. By registering your Mastercard card on Mastercard's experiential platform Priceless.com, you have the opportunity to download digital content for free - virtual tours of JRE restaurants in Croatia, which also contain video recipes by renowned chefs. Each downloaded video content is worth one stamp. There are currently 4 online contents available on the web platform that you can download! In order to win a prize-winning gastronomic experience in a selected JRE restaurant, all eight stamps must be collected by 12/31/2024. years. The offer applies only to Croatian JRE restaurants from the JRE-HR 2024 guide. After collecting eight stamps from eight different Croatian JRE restaurants (by visiting the restaurants physically or by combining physical visits to the restaurants with downloading digital content), send a photo of the page with the stamps to j.baljkas@jre.eu, together with your information, in order to agree on the use award-winning gastronomic experience.


Enjoy, explore and taste fine food with dear people! In cooperation with Mastercard, we will continue with the "Passion week with Mastercard" project in 2024. Check when Passion week is held in which restaurant, reserve your table using the code "Passion week with Mastercard" and enjoy a gastronomic experience at unique prices. The special offer lasts throughout 2024 and is held at different times and restaurants. To take advantage of the special offer "Passion week with Mastercard", it is necessary to bring a Mastercard® card with you and pay with it. When visiting the restaurant and during the "Passion week with Mastercard" activation, ask for a stamp in your guidebook and participate in the prize draw. Read more about the prize draw on page 11 of the JRE-HR guide. Toast to life with the ones you love. Priceless®


  • ZIJAVICA: 25.3. – 7.4.

  • DUBRAVKIN PUT:  25.3. – 31.3. & 18.11. – 24.11.

  • SAN ROCCO: 1.4. – 7.4. & 9.12. – 15.12.

  • BADI: 8.4. – 14.4. & 25.11. – 1.12.

  • BOŠKINAC: 15.4. – 21.4. & 30.9. – 6.10.

  • BOBA: 22.4. – 28.4. & 7.10. – 13.10.

  • NAVIS: 22.4. – 28.4. & 2.12. – 8.12.

  • LEMONGARDEN: 28.4. – 4.5. & 7.10. – 13.10.

  • LD: 1.5. – 15.5.

  • PLAVI PODRUM: 6.5. – 12.5. & 9.12. – 15.12.

  • PELEGRINI: 6.5.-12.5. & 14.10-20.10.

  • KALA: 15.05. - 21.05. & 01.10. - 07.10.

  • FOŠA: 20.5. – 26.5. & 11.11. – 17.11.

  • KORAK: 19.8. – 1.9.

  • MONTE: 13-26.10.

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When skill and vision meet perfect technology Food preparation is an art, and with innovative technology, this art knows no boundaries. Meet our chefs, who will present you top-quality dishes prepared on top-of-the-line equipment in a casual atmosphere. In cooperation with long term partners Miele Croatia! We organize Masterclass events held in Miele Experience Centers in Zagreb and Split. JRE-Croatia chefs with winemakers and small producers as partners of the association participate in these events. During the year, we jointly organize 8 events, for which you can register via email j.baljkas@jre.eu or info@miele.hr Experience culinary excellence with Miele and Jeunes Restaurateurs Croatia!


25.3.  FOŠA & K.K & BEEF SHOP




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