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destination • October 27th, 2022

Destination Dalmatia, Croatia


Dalmatia in Croatia is a region of two halves, the beautiful islands and coastline with its crystal clear waters that make up the sea half this is then complimented by the land with its cooler temperatures, mountains and pastures. These two halves work in symbiosis with each other and make for a region that has a little bit of everything from beaches to national parks to ancient cities, and, it goes without saying, some of the best cuisine in all of Croatia. 

Cuisine in Dalmatia

The influence of centuries-old cultures has left its mark on Dalmatian cuisine from Austria-Hungary, to Italy, Turkey and France, they have left an indelible stamp on the region. The Dalmatian hinterland is a fascinating place that showcases two of the most traditional ways of baking lamb. One style is on a spit „ražanj“ or lamb and veal under the bell „peka“. Indispensable ingredients for the preparation of almost every dish are onions, garlic, olive oil, tomato, rosemary, basil, and laurel, very much from the Italian influence. As with many regions in the world the focus in Dalmatia is on fresh local produce, which they have in abundance, from fish and shellfish, to figs and the Maraska cherry which is grown in the Zadar hinterland which the famous Maraschino liqueur is produced from.

Sightseeing in Dalmatia

The region of Dalmatia is one of utter scenic beauty, from the glorious islands of Hvar and its surrounds, to the ancient cobblestone streets of Split. You will literally find yourself swept up in the past or feel as though you really are on the set of Game of Thrones when you visit the medieval city of Dubrovnik with its ancient fortress and castle. The world is literally your oyster in Dalmatia. The sea is one of the warmest and the summers are sunny while the winters are wet but have very little snow. If music is your thing there are numerous festivals featuring some of the biggest bands on the planet and if getting off the beaten track is the plan then head inland and enjoy the mountains.

JRE Dalmatian Chefs

The abundance of fresh ingredients from both the sea and land offers chefs in the region an incredible choice when it comes to building on local traditional dishes, combined with international cuisine. The rise in starred restaurants shows that the combination is working well. JRE is really excited to be supporting the region's young new chefs.

Boškinac restaurant, by Chef and owner Boris Šuljić is a hotel and winery, located on the island of Pag, an island in northern Dalmatia known for its herbs that grow throughout the island, lamb that is synonymous with the island and a variety of cheeses. Chef Boris, combines the tradition of the island with the most modern techniques so that every guest experiences a century-old culture.

Foša restaurant in Zadar is located on the coast beside the sea. Young chef Saša Began loves to work with fish and is surrounded by local fishermen who bring fresh fish and shellfish to Foša every day which he then wows guests with.

Boba is located on Murter, a beautiful island in the Adriatic Sea. Chef and owner Vjeko Bašić is connected with the Kornati islands where he spent his childhood and where he fished from an early age. Boba is highly praised for its fish and seafood, serving traditional dishes with a high-end contemporary twist.

Michelin starred Chef and owner of Pelegrini, Rudolf Štefan, is a visionary and creator of modern Dalmatian cuisine. Educated in the best restaurants in the world he has made his hometown of Šibenik a gastronomic destination for every gourmet. Stefan draws inspiration for his dishes from tradition using only seasonal local produce.