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news • October 4th, 2022



On Sunday, 25.9.2022 TALENT AND PASSION took place for the sixth time in a row - an event organized by the restaurant association JRE-CROATIA. Once a year, all members of the association gather to share their passion - passion for GASTRONOMY.

The JRE association originates from France, and today it gathers 16 member countries from all over the world. Croatia is also one of the members of this prestigious association.

JRE-Croatia from 01.01.2022. has 16 members, many of whom are in recommended or have a Michelin star. All of these are restaurants of unquestionable quality, professional and creative chefs, excellent staff, a fairytale landscape in which they operate, but most importantly, the restaurants are connected by a strong thread that grows day by day. That common thread is passion!

The passion of chefs, waiters and sommeliers, the passion of receptionists and hostesses, the passion of restaurant owners who do what they live for and are driven by passion!

Constant passion is the guiding thread of the international association JRE, which at the regional level seeks and recognizes restaurants with the same motives and goals.

The sixth event in a row took place for the first time in Dalmatia, in the city of Zadar under the name "ZADAR TIME FESTIVAL".

With the bad weather announced for the date of the event, the organizers found a new location in just a few days, where they moved the previously announced 3 that were supposed to be in open spaces in the city of Zadar. Talent and passion started at 12:00 in the Foša restaurant, where the chefs of the JRE association welcomed us and announced the program.

Along with the Maraschino cocktails made by bartender Marin Nekić, we tried a specialized cocktail designed just for this event called "Maraschino kiss".

Enjoying cocktails, we walked around the city of Zadar in the presence of a guide who took us to the location of the event - PROVIVUDRO'S PALACE.

The oldest part of the Palace dates to 1607, and the Palace was upgraded from the 17th to the 20th century. Due to its exceptional cultural and historical importance, the Providur Palace was included in the Register of Immovable Cultural Monuments of the Republic of Croatia in 1978.

The atrium of the palace was an introduction to the gala dinner, where the chef’s prepared snacks that we could taste accompanied by sparkling wines from the winemakers of the association's partners.

The gala dinner took place in the main atrium of the palace, where we tasted, we believe for the first time, the creations of two chefs on one plate. The dinner consisted of 5 courses and each course was served by 2 restaurants. For each course, the JRE service also served an impeccable wine pairing from 5 different winemakers who are part of the association.

The event was not over after the gala dinner! The original entrance to the palace turned into an after party, as did the other atria that connect the palace.

We enjoyed wines, snacks from small producers, but also all other cocktails and snacks prepared by the partners of the association.

We will certainly remember spending time in Zadar with the restaurant family of the JRE-Croatia association.

We are looking forward to their new projects and the new Talent and passion that will take place in 2023!



  2. Boškinac  - LAMB

  3. San rocco - CHEESE

  4. Ariston - LIVER

  5. Monte – VEAL TOUNGE



1.      SCAMPI – Senjković Pošip tristeca 2020.
Pergola & Draga di lovrana
2.      SHELLS– Kozlović JRE Malvazija 2018.
Navis & Badi
3.      FISH – Dalmatian dog Testament
Ld & Foša
4.      ROOSTER - Korta Katarina Zinfandel 2018.
Pelegrini & Korak
5.      MARASCA CHERRY – Graševina ledena berba Galić
Zijavica & Dubravkin put