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Teo Fernetich

Teo Fernetich and Floriana Ruzic family embarked on a big adventure in 2004. Following the strict, local criteria for renovation, they transformed an old family estate into an exclusive holiday resort. Now, the hotel and restaurant are wonderfully run by Teo’s father Tullio, his mother Rita, and his sister Luana who runs their shop in the village. San Rocco’s wine list is rich: it offers 200 labels, including most domestic wines. Unlike many wines from other Mediterranean countries, Istrian wines are light. And because the restaurant is surrounded by vineyards, exciting and new local discoveries aren’t hard to find.

San Rocco

Brtonigla-Verteneglio, Croatia
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Inspired by the beauty of heritage and history, this family-run boutique hotel and restaurant offers fine dining in a relaxing, homely atmosphere. In 2004, Tullio Fernetich opened the doors of this modern inn. Today, his son, sommelier Teo Fernetich, co-runs the establishment and watches over the exclusive and extensive wine list. The chef serves local and seasonal Istrian delicacies with a contemporary twist. You can enjoy San Rocco’s traditional specialties in the classic dining area or outdoors, on the summer terrace. Here, you have a lovely view of the pool, the garden, and the quiet park that surrounds the hotel restaurant.

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