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news • April 17th, 2023

JRE-Croatia PRESS EVENT 2023


On Tuesday, March 7, 2023. in the restaurant and hotel San Rocco, in Brtonigla, the press assembly of the restaurant association JRE-Croatia was held! All the JRE-Croatia members and partners assisted.

2023 JRE-Croatia Members

JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs is an international association founded back in 1974. Today, the Association has developed into a leading professional association of young and talented chefs. With more than 350 restaurants and 160 hotels in 15 countries around the world. In 2011, Croatia became a member of the JRE international association.

This year, the Croatian family has 14 members:


There are many criteria to become a member of the JRE association, such as: the owners must be closely connected with the business of the restaurant, they must work in it, their restaurant has been mentioned in at least one national or international gourmet guide, it has been in business for at least 3 years, they are over 25 years old and less than 42 and they must have a Never-ending passion for gastronomy!

"During the year, we organize various events in order to get as close as possible to all young people and food and wine lovers and to share with them our primal passion for the work we live and work with. With every project, it is important to exchange knowledge and experience and expand the network of young chefs, sommeliers and catering workers in order to improve their experience and then create and create new business ideas."

The partners presented their products and the JRE chefs prepared dishes from the ingredients of small producers/partners. We tasted Scotti Venere pasta from the supplier Nikas, with seafood from Metro, steaks from small producers Sin Ravnica served with Karlić truffles, sashimi from sea bass breeder Marfish with an assortment of Kikoman spices from Nikas, tartar and carpaccio from the Beef shop and various cheeses from the cheese shop Stone!

JRE | JRE-CROATIA winemakers and small producers

New JRE Product

The JRE restaurant association also presented its new JRE product. It is a collaboration with partners Old pilots, where they presented JRE Old pilots vodka! Vodka could be tasted for the first time at the press event, and it will be available in all JRE-HR restaurants as well as the other two JRE products: JRE Chiavalon olive oil & JRE Kozlović Malvazija.

New JRE Guide with Priceless.com

For all lovers of gastronomy, the JRE association has presented a new restaurant guide with recommendations of the top restaurants in Croatia. This year, you will find in the guide an activity to collect stamps and win a gastronomic experience in one of our restaurants.

By visiting JRE-HR restaurants and downloading free digital content at the Priceless.com platform, you can collect eight different stamps within the calendar year 2023 and win a gastronomic experience in one of the JRE-HR restaurants of your choice.

Find more details here.

Miele Masterclasses

During the year, we organize 8 Miele masterclasses where we host one chef from a JRE restaurant, 1 small producer and 1 winemaker.

The goal of the masterclasses is to present to the participants original, local food in a demonstration where the chef works from the preparation to plating. Local winemakers present the terroir where they come from, and it's up to you to sign up for a raffle because you might just win tickets to one of the Miele masterclasses.

New partners 2023