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Event • April 8th, 2024

JRE-Congress Chef 2 Chef Summit

Immerse yourself in what inspires us. Masterclasses, demos, an array of leading producers, a wide range of innovative products, ingredients and the latest culinary trends.

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Carreau du Temple

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The Location

Carreau du Temple will be the place for our special event.

Masterclasses and Demos

Pastificio dei Campi
Pastificio dei Campi

Pastificio dei Campi aims to restore and sustain the tradition of Gragnano pasta IGP, and seeks to do this in a way that respects craftsmanship and traditional production methods, allowing the raw ingredients and stages of production all the time they need to create a pasta of the very highest quality, 100% italian. The demo will be done in collaboration with Chef Peppe Guida and JRE-Chef Daniel Canzian.


Founded in Bologna in 1946 thanks to the success obtained by the “Autogelatiera” of Bruto and Poerio Carlo Carpigiani, it is today the world leader in the gelato making machines sector. The demo will be done in collaboration with JRE-Chef Stefano Pinciaroli.

Foie Royale
Foie Royale

Foie Royale is an ethical alternative to traditional foie gras, delivering the same decadent taste and texture – but without forced feeding. The result is a product that tastes as good as traditional foie gras, with the same melting behaviour, but created using modern technology. The demo will be done in collaboration with JRE-Chef Annett Teich.


Planted fuses proprietary structuring and fermentation technologies to create plant-based specialties that stand out for their exquisite taste and meaty, juicy texture. Committed to using only natural ingredients and no additives in all their products, Planted sets a new standard in the plant-based protein meat sector, making it a sustainable and healthy choice for everyone.

Tech Demos


At Gronda, 2 million chefs come together to share their unique creations, developed recipes and insights into the latest trends. It's a platform to exchange techniques, discuss tools of the trade, and collectively contribute to the culinary world.


CalcMenu is a leading recipe management software that sets new industry standards. Designed to revolutionize recipe management, their cutting-edge technology empowers businesses to unlock their full potential and achieve unprecedented efficiency.


Sell, manage and market your vouchers and tickets all in one system. Sell vouchers and tickets with your own online shop directly on your website. Both you and your customers benefit from the ability to choose, purchase and print vouchers or tickets from the comfort of your own home.


Easy-to-use AI video platform reshaping the landscape of L&D content creation. Colossyan enables you to create training videos using AI at a fraction of the cost of traditional production, with higher effectiveness than text-only material.

Flying Lunch

We will savor a delightful flying lunch featuring partner ingredients and recipes crafted by JRE Chefs.

  • Food: Parmigiano Reggiano | Matorka fish | Marfish and JRE-Chef Vjeko Basic | Kingfish and JRE-Chef Mart Scherp | VanDrie veal and JRE-Chef Daniel Canzian | Pastificio dei Campi Pasta, Adamas Caviar and JRE-Chef Daniel Canzian

  • Desserts: Cacao de Colombie | Debic | Carpigiani and Stefano Pinciaroli

  • Non alcoholic Drinks: Illy coffee | Dammann tea | Nordaq water

  • Drinks: IGP Wines | Grappa Nonino | Old Pilots Vodka | Clef Beer

Wine tastings

Marchesi Antinori - Tignanello

We will celebrate 50 years with a vertical wine tasting from the iconic winemaker Marchesi Antinori. We will have the opportunity to taste decades of vintage Tignanello wine during the CHEF2CHEF SUMMIT. 

This special year also marks the 50th Anniversary of Tignanello wine. Tignanello was the first Sangiovese to be aged in barriques, the first contemporary red wine blended with untraditional varieties (specifically Cabernet), and one of the first red wines in the Chianti Classico region that didn’t use white grapes. Tignanello is a milestone!

*This wine tasting is limited to a max of 30 people. 

La Rioja Alta S.A.

Quality, elegance, innovation, feeling and evolution. They are the pillars on which five families founded the 'Sociedad Vinícola de La Rioja Alta' in 1890 in Haro. In more than 133 vintages, the search for excellence has led La Rioja Alta, S.A. to combine the best of the wise oenological tradition with the most modern production technology, as reflected in its determined commitment to Research & Development. For La Rioja Alta, S.A., which today heads a family of wineries made up of Torre de Oña (Rioja Alavesa), Áster (Ribera del Duero) and Lagar de Cervera (Rías Baixas), its own vineyard is one of the keys to producing only in the best vintages, high quality wines. Currently, the winery owns more than 800 hectares of vineyards planted in the three prestigious Spanish wine-growing areas.

Clos Apalta

The history of Clos Apalta lies in one of the oldest Cabernet Sauvignon and Carmenere vineyards in Chile if not the world. Tucked away in the Colchagua Valley near the town of Santa Cruz, the Apalta Valley was the chosen location of a visionary, who in the 1910s planted this amazing vineyard using a unique French massal selection. In 1994, Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle and her husband Cyril de Bournet acquired the property.  True to the demands of the family, their ambition was to produce an exceptional wine and to pave the way for the qualitative development of the country’s fine wines. 

Clos Apalta was created in 1997 as the iconic wine of Domaines Bournet-Lapostolle in Chile with the idea of magnifying the exceptional terroir of Apalta with French expertise. Shaping the vineyard vine by vine, building a state-of-the-art gravity fed winery, the family succeeded in making Clos Apalta one of the most iconic wines in South America. 

Distillerie des Moisans 50 years old Cognac

Aged to perfection, the JRE story is like a refined cognac, each passing year brings sophistication and grace. 

Distillerie des Moisans has created a Limited Edition 50 year old Cognac specially for JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs. We will be able to taste it during the CHEF2CHEF SUMMIT.

Exhibitors & Partners

We are happy to collaborate with amazing partners for this special event.