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Event • June 4th, 2024

Swan Hellenic cruise with chef Juan Carlos Ferrando

JRE Chef Juan Carlos Ferrando from Spain will set sail on Swan Hellenic's SH Vega for an Unforgettable Gastronomic Journey -MARIS-

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Juan Carlos Ferrando from Juan Carlos Ferrando Restaurant in Spain will be onboard the SH Vega departing from Dublin and arriving in Reykjavik. This cruise is from the 4th until the 16th of June 2024.

Throughout this period, guests will have the pleasure of indulging in his signature dishes and a specially curated menu for a Gala Dinner. He will entertain guests with a captivating cooking show and lead gastronomic excursions ashore, providing an opportunity to explore local culinary traditions and specialties.

In the wake of Celts and Vikings - FROM DUBLIN TO REYKJAVIK

Setting sail from Ireland, this North Atlantic islands cruise takes you to Britain’s most northerly islands and Iceland. Board this cruise and discover Scottish isles from the Hebrides to the Shetlands and Orkney, before heading to the Danish outpost of the Faroe Islands, and finally on to the land of Fire and Ice - Iceland. With rugged landscapes, picturesque villages, and evidence of Norse and prehistoric settlements, you will experience culture and friendly hospitality on remote islands that have been occupied since ancient times. As we cruise past highlands and islands, sit back and enjoy the unrivaled natural beauty and gaze in awe at the only crowds you are likely to see - that of nesting birds and migratory species. Your final destinations lie in Iceland – a fascinating land forged in the twin crucibles of ice and fire.

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