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destination • November 2nd, 2021

French cuisine


In France, the idea of food is almost equal to art. To eat and drink well is embedded into the French culture, as it has been throughout history. French families value quality time spent around a table, gathered around to share a good conversation and delicious food. In the 20th century, French cuisine became the modern haute cuisine, a cuisine that is undeniably iconic. Simple crunchy baguettes, creamy gratins, and luscious pastries are all staples of French food that have had an incredible influence on Western cuisine. We took a closer look at French cuisine for you and selected some of the best French dishes. Bon appétit!

What is typical French cuisine?

French cuisine is more than simply food. The entire culinary experience must appeal to four senses: taste, sight, smell, and touch. In addition to this, the products must be of the highest quality. French cuisine is no joke: in 2010, French gastronomy was classified as “intangible cultural heritage of humanity" by UNESCO.  

A typical French meal often consists of three courses: hors d'œuvre or entrée (the introductory course, often consisting of a soup), plat principal (the main course), and finally a fromage (cheese platter) or dessert. There are many national dishes in France, such as crêpes (pancakes), pot-au-feu (meat stew), macaroons, croissants, beef bourguignon, and coq au vin.


Haute cuisine

Crème brûlée

What is a typical French dish?

Ratatouille: A classic French dish served in French restaurants of all kinds. This vegetable stew sits on the stove for hours to simmer down until the main ingredients, like eggplant, are tender.

Coq au vin: Meaning "rooster in wine", this dish was devised as a way to cook the tough meat of a bird. It is a popular French country-style dish that is now filled with chicken and vegetables. Foie gras: A meat specialty made of the liver of a duck or goose.

Pot-au-feu: A traditional beef stew, typically served during Christmas.

Croque monsieur: This grilled sandwich with ham and cheese is often eaten as lunch. A secret ingredient is velvety béchamel sauce, to make it even yummier.

Crêpe: This thin pancake can be savory or sweet, and is served as a main dish, an appetizer, or a dessert.

Crème brûlée: The ultimate French dessert, consisting of a rich custard base topped with a layer of burned caramelized sugar.

Fine-dining in France

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