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interview • January 10th, 2022

Interview with Bianca van Bochove


Bianca van Bochove is sommelier at restaurant ‘t Vlasbloemeken in Koewacht. She started working at restaurant de Mosselbank in the Dutch town Philippine at the age of 15. Throughout her career, Bianca worked in numerous hotels and small gastronomic restaurants, where she learned everything about restaurants, from table preparations to wines. In 2005, she opened restaurant 't Vlasbloemeken together with her partner, chef Eric van Bochove. His excellent Dutch cuisine has resulted in a coveted Michelin star. To get to know Bianca a bit better, we asked her some questions about her background, favourite wines, and much more.

There are many different ways to become a sommelier, what type of educational path did you take?

I have followed wine courses and put a lot of time into my studies. Ultimately, it's all about developing the taste.

What characterizes a good sommelier?

A good sommelier should ​​be open to new flavours.

What are your personal rules for food and wine pairing?

The combinations should be especially tasty. You shouldn’t have to look too far for a good combination, it just has to be there naturally.

A good sommelier should ​​be open to new flavours.

Bianca van Bochove

't Vlasbloemeken

What are some of the most special wines you have?

The most special wines we have are Silex and Musar.

What are the qualities to look for when purchasing wine?

I always look for flavour and complexity. With each sip of a glass of wine, you should discover a new taste and sensation.

What is the best wine you have tasted and what made it so great?

The best wine I have ever tasted must be Silex, because of its complexity.

What's one thing in the area that guests have to see or do?

When the amazingly beautiful flax fields are in bloom these are wonderful to visit. The flowers only bloom for a short period of time, but have a stunning deep purple color.

Thank you, Bianca.

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