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interview • March 14th, 2022

Interview with Massimo Mazzucchelli


Massimo Mazzucchelli is sommelier at restaurant Marconi, his family’s establishment where he has been working since the young age of 14. In 2000, he took over the management together with his sister, chef Aurora Mazzucchelli, and began a path that led the Marconi restaurant to its Michelin Star in 2008. Massimo personally selects each wine label, with natural ethics and a very personal philosophy. He is an indispensable link with the kitchen, trying to enhance each dish with an unusual wine pairing. We asked sommelier Massimo some questions to get to know him better, about his favourite wines, and much more.

Massimo, there are many different ways to become a sommelier, what type of educational path did you take?

I started with my Fil Corso dell'Ais vinology studies in 2001, finishing all three levels, and then I continued tasting wine independently. What I've always wanted to do is to refine my senses and my interpretative characteristics, to learn to listen and interpret their senses. 

What characterizes a good sommelier?

In addition to their knowledge of wines, a good sommelier should be able to read the customer's wishes.

Colour, texture, and balance are my personal rules for food and wine pairing.

Massimo Mazzucchelli


What are some of the most special wines you have and how are they different from others?

La Romanée Conti for the myth and for the history; Josko Gravner's Pinot Grigio for evolution; and for the discovery.

What are the qualities to look for when purchasing wine?

First of all, I have to understand what I want from that wine. Subsequently, important qualities for me are longevity, the state of the bottle and its evolution, and then the characteristics of the wine, the grape variety, and finally, the producer.

What is the best wine you have tasted and what made it so great?

La Romanée Conti Echezeaux: the beauty of this great wine has been its change over the time we drank it, its discovery and rediscovery, and its slow sweet indulgence.

What's one thing in the area that guests have to see or do?

Definitely not to be missed are the arcades of Bologna in San Luca, and then go to discover the excellence of the area. From local winemakers to pig farmers, it is all to be discovered.

Thank you, Massimo.

Book your table at restaurant Marconi

Try the creative Italian cuisine by chef Aurora Mazzucchelli and sommelier Massimo Mazzucchelli for yourself at restaurant Marconi in Modena, Italy. You can make your lunch or dinner reservation through our website, for an unforgettable event.