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news • November 27th, 2023

JRE and MIELE Masterclass by Lesic Dimitri


JRE-Croatia organizes masterclasses in cooperation with long-term partners Miele kitchens. Throughout the year, 8 masterclasses were divided into the regions of Split and Zagreb. The second in a row for the winter season took place on Wednesday 15.11.2023. at the Miele experience center in Split and was hosted by the Lešić Dimitri restaurant from Korčula together with Taman chocolates and Testament winery.

The masterclasses are open for gastronomy lovers. If you would like to be part, please email us at j.baljkas@jre.eu.

The Masterclass began with a sparkling wine from Testament winery. This Opolo Testament sparkling wine, is made from the autochthonous Babić variety!

The young chefs from the Korčula restaurant Lešić Dimitri proved that chocolate is not only a food for dessert, but that it can be used in appetizers and main dishes.

We tasted Taman chocolates with olive oil from the Chiavalon brothers. More specifically a milk chocolate enriched with fennel, thyme, sage and rosemary. The Chiavalon olive oil added a fine twist to this blend, providing mild fruity and earthy tones that pair perfectly with the chocolate and spices. The experience is balanced and layered, creating a unique flavor experience that ranges from sweet to spicy, providing a refreshing and satisfying combination.

Warm appetizer with chocolate!

Sounds unreal doesn't it! The team from Lešić taught us how to make real Korčula home-made macaroons. When making the famous Žrnovské macarons, cocoa obtained from a 'single-plantation' cocoa tree from Madagascar, grown on the Antsamala farm, was used, which we normally use to make TAMAN Madagascar Sambirano chocolate.

Cocoa from Madagascar is normally known for its complex palette of aromas, which includes notes of fruit and citrus, but cocoa from the Antsamala farm has its own characteristic taste, which is rich, intense with expressive notes of spices that are not normally typical for Madagascar, but that is exactly what makes it an excellent choice for use not only in sweet but also in savory recipes.

Žrnovo macaroons were served with pheasant ragout, seasoned with grated chocolate, which resulted in an unexpected freshness of taste.

We drank Pošip Testament with macaroons and enjoyed the presentation of the winery by Jurjo Sladić.


Main Course

The main course delighted many because we tasted Black Angus steak, baked beetroot cream, foie gras glazed in cocoa butter, pickled beets and shallots and demi glace with dark chocolate.

In the third course, the LD restaurant team used Madagascar Sambirano 73% chocolate as an addition to the demi glace sauce that was served with the steak... This combination built a unique and rich combination of flavors. The addition of dark chocolate from Madagascar, Sambirano demi glace to the sauce, which is refined and intense in nature, enriches the sauce with an additional layer of complexity. This dark chocolate has a high cocoa content of 73%, which results in an intense sensation of tannins, which are present in the chocolate, and which complement well the intensity of the sauce itself, while the specific spicy and aromas of the chocolate nicely complement the sauce.

Visitors were given a unique opportunity to experience how chocolate contributes to the overall taste of a dish. Tasting the same chocolate before and after the meal, they were able to notice how the flavor of the chocolate changed and complemented their taste experience after adding it to the demi glace sauce.

Plavac Mali as an indispensable variety in Dalmatia and wine with the main course, after which we tasted the winery's prosecco made from 100% Babić.


For dessert, Cremino Giandujas were served with a combination of dark and milk chocolate specially made for the JRE Passion week with Mastercard program!

Cremino Giandujas are pralines made using the peanut and chocolate paste crystallization technique that ensures a high proportion of nuts, resulting in a creamy texture and intense hazelnut aromas. The combination of dark and milk chocolate, together with the high proportion of hazelnuts from the Piedmont region of Italy, creates a rich and balanced taste, which is sweet with a slight hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate and the characteristic aroma of the famous Piedmont hazelnuts.

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