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news • March 20th, 2024

JRE Passion Stories


PASSION STORIES highlights the world of JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs' top chefs They are widely acclaimed as the trendsetters of Austrian gastronomy and celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2024. In honor of the anniversary year, this elite association of top Austrian chefs is featured in a newspaper of its own.

"Never-Ending Passion" is the motto of the association founded 50 years ago in Paris, and which has been represented in Austria for precisely 20 years. Under the presidency of Richard Rauch, it now includes 43 member restaurants across all Austrian provinces. Each is a unique culinary destination with its own personal style. What binds them all is a shared commitment to highest-possible quality. After all, JRE-Austria currently boasts 158 Gault&Millau toques, 132 A la Carte stars, and 165 Falstaff forks, making the coveted three-letter logo synonymous with top-tier culinary experiences.

The newly released, complimentary JRE newspaper offers diverse insights into the multifaceted world of JRE. And it doesn’t merely revolve around the history of the association. In fact, it is primarily focused on the future of gastronomy, shaped by individual chefs in their respective regions. Why the world of wine is increasingly becoming an exciting female domain is as much a topic of the newspaper as the international career network for employees, and the close, eye-level collaboration of restaurants with agricultural businesses and upscale producers.

Where particularly appealing gourmet destinations can be found "in the middle of nowhere" will prove to be an irresistible inspiration for adventurous epicurean excursions, whilst the very best culinary festivals of the year should be marked on your calendar immediately. News and practical information add the finishing touches to "Passion Stories 2024".

The English edition of the JRE newspaper "passion stories 2" can be ordered for free right here.