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recipe • Desserts

Slightly gelled elderflower champagne soup with wild strawberries andyoghurt ice cream

Champagne soup

Soak the gelatin in cold water, squeeze and dissolve with a little moscato on a gentle heat. Then add the champagne with the remaining moscato and the elderflower syrup and refrigerate overnight(approx. 8-12 hours). Stir the champagne soup in the bowl with a whisk, carefully adding the well-chilled champagne. Arrange the champagne soup in glasses. Add the strawberries and ice cream and decorate with mint.

250 ml Moscato d'Asti, dessert wine from Italy
350 ml Champagne
100 ml Elderflower syrup
3,5 sheets Gelatin
200 ml Champagne (chilled to pour)
100 g Strawberries

Elderflower syrup

10 Elderflowers (umbels)
1 kg Sugar
1 l Water
0,5 Lemon organic (sliced or squeezed out)
1 Orange (sliced or squeezed out)
12,5 g Citric acid (ascorbic acid)

Yogurt ice cream

Heat the cream and sugar until the sugar has dissolved. Take off the heat and stir in, let cool, then stir in the yoghurt and freeze in the ice cream maker.

250 g Yogurt (cream yogurt / Greek yogurt)
200 g Cream
110 g Sugar