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destination • November 2nd, 2021

Slovenian cuisine


Slovenian cuisine is influenced by the varied landscapes of the country, so good food can be found everywhere. Besides the calm beauty of the Pannonian plains in the northeast, there are also the Dolenjska hills, in the east the spectacular Karst, and in the south the Mediterranean region with the seaside Alps.  The border with Italy offers delicious prosciutto and olive oil, so visitors to Slovenia can enjoy a light Mediterranean diet here. In the north and east, it is more common to have a menu based on potatoes, pork or pumpkin oil. You can enjoy the best Slovenian dishes of the terroir in every part of the country, together with a glass of delicious regional wine.

What is typical Slovenian cuisine?

Whether in the city or in the countryside, every region of Slovenian cuisine uses seasonal, fresh, local ingredients. This means that the menu will vary according to the time of year.  

In spring you can find asparagus and dandelion in the typical Slovenian dishes. In summer forest fruits, in autumn mushrooms and chestnuts, and in winter traditional delicacies of Slovenian cuisine like special meats. 


Carniolan sausage

Prekmurje layered cake

What is a typical Slovenian dish?

Carniolan sausage: One of the most popular pork sausages in Slovenia.

Matevž: This dish comes from central Slovenia, particularly from the Kočevsko area. It’s made from beans and potatoes and is usually served together with sauerkraut or turnips.

Močnik: This traditional Slovenian porridge originated in the Lower Carniola (Dolenjska) area. It’s made from various types of flour, like buckwheat and corn. In some places, they also stir them into a clear soup.

Žganci: A traditional "poor man's food" similar to polenta, but prepared with finer grains, and served with cheese or meat.

Potica: A delicious bread roll with nuts and various other fillings. This holiday pastry is typically served on Palm Sunday and Easter.

Prekmurje layered cake: A yummy cake that is considered a Slovenian culinary specialty, made from folded and rolled out yeast dough and filled with various sweet fillings.

Štruklji: Small rolled dumplings. There are different fillings in this traditional Slovenian food that can be sweet or salty, including cottage cheese, nuts, and apples.

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Fine-dining in Slovenia

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