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Slovenian cuisine

Both in its geography and in its cuisine, Slovenia is a place of striking contrasts. In the region along the Italian border, you can enjoy a delicious light Mediterranean diet consisting of prosciutto ham and olive oil. However, it’s more common for people in the far north and east to feast on heavier foods, with a lot of grains, potatoes, pork, and pumpkin oil. But no matter where in the beautiful Slovenian landscape you are, you’re always sure to find excellent wine nearby, to complete your excellent gastronomic experience.


Black&White sparkling wine

The collaboration between JRE-Slovenia and Radgonske gorice, Slovenia's oldest renowned producer of sparkling wines, has led to the creation of Black&White Penina - a sparkling wine that captures the true spirit of JRE. This exceptional wine is an excellent choice for those who appreciate exceptional and unique experiences, tradition with a modern touch, and prestige.

Manifesto - A Toast to a Sustainable Tomorrow

JRE, together with significant figures from the gastronomy and business sectors, has the potential to drive progress towards a brighter future that goes beyond just gastronomy, encompassing our environmental responsibilities and global sustainability. During the JRE congress in April 2024, a historic manifesto 'A Toast to a Sustainable Tomorrow - Crafting a Blueprint for a Greener, Eco-Friendly Wine Culture' was endorsed. Signatories committed to developing a lighter wine bottle in the future. The project was supported by the international partner, Vaider Group, a global business partner in the design and production of premium glass packaging at Hrastnik 1860 glassworks.

The water is our mirror

Without water, there is no life. To spread awareness about the rational use of water resources and promoting drinking tap water, JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs, an association of chefs and restaurant owners, have joined forces with important strategic partners Steklarna Hrastnik and the organizers of the Bled Water Forum. We want to uncompromisingly offer our guests the best that Slovenia has to offer - in the first place the opportunity to taste and get to know tap water. Bottle RE ◦ voda | RE ◦ water is a prestigious, superbly designed and at the same time ecological and sustainable glass packaging. Superior clean glass, free of heavy metals is the safest packaging. As such, it respects the most valuable content it carries. Clean water.

JRE chef’s knife: Sharpness of creativity

Dedication to detail guides every step of a chef’s knife: forging, shaping, hardening, grinding and polishing. Blacksmiths observe the shifts of energy, how things break, when something is enough and when something more needs to be added. A handmade knife is thus a unique forged iron product, which carries the passion and creativity of the blacksmith. And when a chef gets their hands on it, the creativity only continues and the sharpness of the blade makes it a pleasure to work with.

Wine Stories 2023

We are looking for the wine that embodies the winemaker himself, represents the environment in which it was grown and the grape variety from which it originated. The wine that can present the beauty of Slovenian winemaking in one glass. Every year, JRE-Slovenija together with Nova KBM, other partners and expertise support, weave the story of first-class winemakers and select 6 top wines, which we equip in an exclusive package.

JRE Academy

The JRE Academy is a meeting point of knowledge, practice and in-depth debates that all caterers should hear. The conference, will bring together international and local speakers to talk about important topics such as sustainability, HR approaches in the hospitality industry, digitalisation, as well as practical modules where you will gain knowledge that you will be able to incorporate into your work immediately after the academy.

When art, banking and fine cuisine come together

The ceramic bowl for paying bills is a creation bank, the JRE association and the artist. It is made in the kintsugi technique, which teaches us to admire what is imperfect and encourages us to repair damaged objects. The broken parts of the cup are joined together with glue with golden dust, which gives the product even more value and delivers the message about the strength of the connection.

JRE-Slovenia guide 2024

Browse the JRE-Slovenia catalog, where you will find detailed presentations of all 26 members of JRE-Slovenia, renowned for their top-notch culinary offerings and exceptional hospitality. In addition to our outstanding members, we also introduce our esteemed partners, who significantly contribute to our community with their products and services. We invite you to browse the catalog and discover top-tier restaurants, innovative chefs, and their culinary masterpieces that you can experience throughout Slovenia. Let it inspire your next culinary journey or gourmet adventure.

JRE gift cards

Purchase a JRE gift card or gift voucher and surprise your loved one or business partner with an unforgettable gourmet experience at any of our 350 affiliated restaurants, holding over 180 Michelin stars and 4,000 Gault Millau points in total. The JRE gift card is delivered by post and can be redeemed at any of our JRE restaurants or hotels. Looking for a last-minute gift? You can easily personalise our JRE gift voucher and print it out from the comfort of your own home. Our gift voucher can be redeemed at any of our JRE restaurants or hotels.

MARIS - Culinary Discovery at Sea

JRE-Jeunes Restaurateurs has partnered with Swan Hellenic to create Maris – an entirely new dimension in gastronomic discovery by sea. This one-of-a-kind experience, will feature some wonderful and talented JRE chefs from around Europe, on board of the DIANA and VEGA ships. JRE chefs will use their culinary excellence, and passion for tradition, sustainability and locally sourced ingredients, to create astonishing new expressions of the territories explored. They will prepare signature dishes, teach cooking classes and create menus to thrill the palate of the most discerning guests.

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